Podcast: Mock prosecution aims to educate event professionals


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The latest episode of the Event Industry News podcast focusses on the forthcoming ‘mock’ trial that has been organised by the A.C.T. (National) Ltd. The staged prosecution of an events company will be based on a real case and will utilise the actual documentation that would be required in a real trial.

Speaking as a guest on the podcast, A.C.T. (National) Ltd’s group director Chris Woodford explained that the event could only go ahead due to the quality of the personnel that have agreed to participate.

“The IOSH Sports Grounds & Events Group and Magdalen Chambers have been instrumental in assisting us with the set-up of this event. Our aim was always to make it as realistic as possible, so having the chambers involved means we’ve got real barristers going about the process in the same way they would in a real trial. As an industry, the UK should be extremely proud of the safety record that its event professionals have. However, we spend a lot of time telling people that they could face prosecution if they don’t adhere to safe practice procedures, and virtually no time showing them exactly what that would actual entail.”

Further information about the date and venue for the mock trial is available by listening to the podcast, along with information on how to register as an attendee.


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