Podcast: ‘Cinematronica’ rolls into town with ANDRODES


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This week’s episode of the Event Industry News podcast featured an engaging conversation with Helen Sartory, the creative artist behind a new live music experience called ANDRODES.

Under her stage name SARTORY, Helen has created what is billed as an immersive, cinematic musical journey that utilises 3D animated film synced to an electronic dance music soundtrack, which is performed live. The experience is dubbed ‘Cinematronica’ by Helen, who took time out from her busy schedule to talk to the podcast about the creative process behind the show and how interactive technology is helping shape her ideas for the show.

The ANDRODES show has led to Helen having her own Daft Punk style robot helmet created, as well as a custom-made crystal-like console that houses the various electronic instrument that she uses to perform the live soundtrack.

During the episode, Helen also spoke of her experience of being part of a Hackathon at the SXSW festival in Texas, during which engineers created an app that would allow Helen to send audio to the phones of audience members and utilise the device’s speakers to create additional soundscapes.


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