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By Pavi Sagar, Content Specialist at Zuddl

Despite in-person meetings making a comeback this year, events of all shapes and sizes – from business conferences to tradeshows, music festivals to company offsites – are increasingly going virtual or hybrid.  This is largely because while organizers and sponsors are flocking to events, attendees and participants are still not as comfortable going to large in-person events. Also, it is impossible to ignore the multifold benefits of having a virtual component to your event such as larger reach, greater engagement, and far better analytics.

These mediums are the future of events, as any professional in the event industry will tell you.

It is therefore clear why event planners must contemporize their ways of running events by backing it with a virtual element. But, like most things in life, this is easier said than done.

Organizers struggle with a variety of issues such as not being able to brand their event their way or fighting attendees’ low attention span. And many assume (erroneously) that they can just add a streaming option to make their event hybrid in order to bring two audiences together, not realizing that there is the lag to consider. By and large, most issues stem from a larger problem: not being able to create genuine human connections and engagement.

And that’s where Zuddl can make a difference.

Our story so far

Since our inception in 2020, our team has worked tirelessly to help organizations and associations deliver exceptional event experiences for attendees, organizers and speakers, guided by an overarching mission to humanize events.

As a result, we currently serve more than 85 customers across the globe and have conducted over 200 events. Most of our customers are global companies such as Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Kellogg’s and BYJU’S, who have complex use cases that we help solve easily, all the while being on-brand.

Why Zuddl

Our mission and product philosophy permeates every aspect of our business.

100% customizable, 100% easy to use, and always on-brand, Zuddl is the only solution organizers need to host live, virtual or hybrid events that are unique, impactful and meaningful.

From zero-latency live streaming and smart networking to real-time analytics and unsurpassed Backstage capabilities, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips to host an event that thrills and delights attendees.

And at every stage and every level, you will be able to power behaviors, conversations and connections that bring people together. 

This foundation leads to seamless event experience, better engagement, and higher event ROI.

Our most popular features

Live engagement tools: Functionalities such as Chat, Q&A, Emoji Reactions, Raise Hand, and Polls are all just a toggle-switch away, so you can effortlessly enable attendees to participate irrespective of where they are and get your event buzzing with participation.

Smart networking: Virtual, in-person attendees and speakers can connect and chat 1:1 in virtual booths and also network in real-time via the mobile app.

Zero latency: Present your stream to your attendees in the lowest latency environment and eliminate the typical RTMP delay, enabling everyone to connect with your content and with each other seamlessly.

Real-time analytics: Pinpoint which speakers, sessions and content drive the most interest and participation from attendees, and leverage insights to create valuable follow-up assets and refine subsequent events.

Humanize your virtual and hybrid events with Zuddl

Drop us a line at sales@zuddl.com if you need any advice about an upcoming event, have any questions,  or fancy a chat about all things event related.

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