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An essential part of crowd management planning is to identify what hazards may cause harm to event staff and visitors, and mitigate these risks, to make your event as safe as possible.

SafeSite Facilities has been providing safety and security solutions to the events industry for over 10 years, including implementing crowd control measures at the London 2012 Olympics and Para Olympics as well as at other high profile events and festivals.

Some of the common hazards affecting crowd safety at events are:

  • Crowd surges
  • Dangerous behaviour, such as climbing onto equipment or throwing objects
  • Pedestrian and vehicle traffic occupying the same space
  • The proximity of your audience to the activity taking place
  • Poor ground conditions and adverse weather

Here are some measures you can put in place to help keep your crowd safe.

Safety Barriers

Managing the flow of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, particularly in a confined space, is crucial to minimise the risk of accidents. Water-filled barriers can help to protect people from moving vehicles. They are lightweight (when empty) so are quick and easy to install. When filled they provide a robust and reliable defence. They are also stackable so can be conveniently transported and stored when not in use.

Crowd control barriers can be used for a variety of purposes including creating entrances, exits and security checkpoints to enable the safe arrival and departure of your visitors. Barriers should be assembled to allow safe movement around your venue and, in the event of an emergency, enable visitors to leave without delay. Crowd control barriers can also help to prevent surges of people flocking to a specific area at the same time, for instance at concerts, and deter visitors from congregating around prohibited or private areas.

Safety Fencing

Temporary event fencing can help keep your visitors in the right place, at the right time. SafeSite Facilities supplies event fencing which is durable and strong, incorporating anti-climb mesh to prevent people from trying to scale it. It also has base feet to ensure it stays firmly in place when you need it to and to prevent tripping.

Ground Protection

Ground protection is essential to protect the ground beneath it and to ensure the safe passage of the people walking over it. Ground protection is also useful to help prevent slips, trips and falls in adverse weather conditions. Whether you need a solution to help preserve grassy areas, or to provide a stable surface for event goers to walk on SafeSite Facilities has the right option for you.

Portable Toilets and Hand Sanitisation Stations

Following the COVID19 pandemic, personal hygiene is at the front of everyone’s mind, particularly in crowded spaces. SafeSite Facilities offers a wide range of portable toilets and hand sanitisation stations to encourage good hygiene and reduce the risk of infection transmission at your event.

Acoustic Barriers

Some live events such as outdoor festivals and pop concerts naturally produce high noise levels. Prior to any such event noise management measures must be considered in order to comply with laws and regulations regarding noise limits, whilst also ensuring audience enjoyment.

Acoustic barriers can be installed to control noise levels within and beyond your venue so that everyone can enjoy the live experience.

Measures for managing crowd safety should be regularly reviewed, particularly if the event plan changes, to ensure they are working and being followed correctly.

The event management team should also routinely debrief following any event, especially if there has been an incident, accident or emergency to assess whether additional measures are required in the future.

All of SafeSite Facilities’ event safety products are available to buy or hire, with nationwide delivery and installation.

Contact SafeSite Facilities today to discuss your event safety and security requirements and receive a free, no obligation quotation.

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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