Why Inflatable Walls offer an alternative to traditional Shell Scheme

From meeting spaces to large exhibition halls, organisers often require a simple method to transform their current venue into a more workable space for their event. Traditional methods have included shell scheme or more widely used in the US, a pipe and drape solution. Both serve a purpose, but now there is an alternative – the temporary inflatable wall – a solution which can offer a much more flexible substitute to shell scheme. 

Most event floor plan designs are driven by two key factors; the style of seminar content and visitor experience. Until recently, event organisers have had to separate their event venue using shell scheme or hung drapes to create smaller spaces that can be used as break out rooms, seminar theatres and speaker green rooms. Whilst these more traditional methods are practical, they can leave event spaces looking bland and make attendees feel uninspired.

A great eye catching alternative for exhibition stand walls

One of the many benefits of using temporary inflatable structures is the option to easily create illuminated walls using projection effects. The lighting systems sit within the cavity of the structure, so the effect of the light is seen but without the physical housing of the lighting. This neat option which can light up a particularly dark venue and make it instantly more eye catching,and can double-up as signage to help guide traffic flow.

Need to hold multiple seminar streams in a small area? Not a problem. These inflatable structures and walls help to reduce noise travelling around a venue. The natural air cavity means sound travel is limited compared with shell scheme or drape options. Large inflatable structures including Domes and Cubes have been proven to drop 20BD of sound meaning event noise cannot be heard in the seminar theatre and likewise, the content from the seminar is not projected across the exhibition floor.


Building temporary spaces is not just limited to seminar theatres and breakout spaces. Inflatable wall systems and contemporary indoor structures are the ideal solution to the traditional shell scheme stand. Providing fully brandable canvas, these stand options are popular with many companies who are looking to stand out and for a quicker, more efficient option to full turn-key stand designs.

As an event organiser, why not offer this as an exhibiting option alongside your traditional shell scheme and give exhibitors and sponsors the chance to make an impact whilst simultaneously creating a more visually interesting event for your visitor.

Inflatable structures are incredibly quick to setup and de-rig. The inflatable walls can be installed in minutes and a 300 PAX seminar theatre can be installed in as little as two hours.

In conclusion, temporary inflatable walls can provide many positive and practical benefits over shell scheme and pipe and drape giving you a better looking and improved experience for your attendees.

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.