Who is eating your logo?


Promotional merchandise is an important tool for getting your brand and message out there to your customers, prospects and even your own employees. Eat My Logo provides a really fun and tasty alternative way of doing this.

Whilst pens, mouse mats and mugs are fantastic for that long-term branding, if used correctly, edible branded merchandise is a great way to put some fun into your brand and to capitalise on the power of social media.

So, who are Eat My Logo? 

Eat My Logo is a family-run bakery based in Chorley, Lancashire and it is our job to make your brand tasty. We specialise in producing high-quality edible branded merchandise that enables businesses to promote their brand in a fun and tasty way.  

We believe passionately in producing high-quality products at competitive prices to meet the requirements of our customers. Our edible logo branded range includes cupcakes, biscuits, brownies and doughnuts plus many more tasty goodies. They are all top-quality and are made using the best-quality ingredients. After all, if you are putting your branding on an edible product it needs to both look good and taste great!

We offer a high level of customer service, working with a variety of businesses whose requirements range from needing just a few dozen items to those who require thousands delivered to multiple locations across the UK. See our testimonials page to see what their customers have said about us.

Why use edible promotional merchandise?

According to research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), the number one thing people want to receive is something nice to eat, so if you can combine that with a company logo it becomes the ideal marketing tool. 

Whilst the product does not physically last long, the memory of eating it will form a close feel-good association with the brand being promoted. Good quality edible products do generate an enormous amount of goodwill towards a brand. 

Who do we work with?

We work directly with marketing departments, event organisers, PR companies and marketing agencies, all of whom are organising events to celebrate or promote a brand to either existing customers, new customers or their own employees.

By understanding what they want to achieve from their event, we can help them decide on the best products and approach to gain maximum impact and to stay within budget.

We can also deliver small quantities of products to multiple UK locations which is ideal for one-off mass launches or for roadshows where we can provide staggered deliveries to meet up with the show.

How can we help you?  

We recognise every requirement is different and that you want to get the best marketing result for your investment. Also, we have the benefit of dealing with lots of businesses using our products in different ways and this gives us the ability to help you get the best return on your investment.

Tailor-made solutions.  

We pride ourselves on providing tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of our customers and we will work with you to help you get the best product solution for the event for which you are purchasing. This includes a FREE design service to ensure you get the best use of the branding space on your cake, cupcake, biscuit or flapjack.

How can they be used with social media?

Everybody loves being given a branded cake, cupcake, biscuit or flapjack which means they are an ideal way to get social media coverage, especially using our #TweetBeforeYouEatTwitter concept.

How does #TweetBeforeYouEatwork?  

When giving away or sending out your Eat My Logo edible branded products, link it to a competition or giveaway. When you give out a cake, cupcake, biscuit or flapjack ask the recipients to tweet a picture of themselves with the product along with your #tag or Twitter handle and the best picture then wins a prize. This always drives a spike in Twitter coverage, further enhancing the ROI from your event.

If you wish to find out more about how Eat My Logo can help make your brand tasty, please visit www.eatmylogo.co.uk.

This is a sponsored post by Eat My Logo.

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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