What Makes vFairs the Best Solution for Virtual Events in 2022?


We’ll say it: virtual events are here to stay. Surprisingly, even after resuming physical events, ninety-two percent of companies are hosting virtual events. 

What Makes Virtual Events Still Popular?

Virtual events offer a lot of benefits that in-person events can’t achieve. Let’s review a few.

Extended reach: The number one reason organizers choose to host virtual events – even today – is the ability to reach audiences worldwide and at a lower cost than a physical event. Attendees from all over the world can quickly join the event without having to travel, take time off or spend money on accommodations.

Accessibility: Accessibility is achieved much more quickly through virtual events. Features such as reverse contrast, text enlargement, and page narration add to the experience and ensure anyone can join in. Here is an informative piece to further understand how the medium redefines the accessibility of virtual events for all.

Eco-friendly:  If you want to make a positive change and work for your company’s long-term success, then the only way to do it is by going eco-friendly. vFairs is helping its clients make a positive change for their company’s sustainability by hosting eco-friendly virtual events. The platform is also a rewarding client for going green with its Go Green and Global campaign.

vFairs: One Stop Solution to All Your Event Needs

vFairs offers a broad range of solutions that construct ideal virtual events for your organization. Whether you’re looking to create new sales opportunities, network with professionals globally, hire new talent or recruit students to your school, our robust platform helps you build authenticity with your audience and hit your event goals.

Look at some of our key components to run a successful virtual event.

3D virtual platforms: vFairs offers 3D visual designs and animations that can swoon you into constructing a highly engaging virtual experience. The virtual environment lets your audience experience life-like branded venues and keeps them captivated.

Contemporary networking features: vFairs offers a ton of features that make networking feel easy and natural. For example, our native segment Spatial Connect offers space-based online networking, which truly duplicates a physical event setting.

Smart matching is another useful virtual networking feature that helps attendees connect with other people based on the criteria they set up. Virtual roundtables and chat queues also put the power back in event-goers hands and improve their event experience.

Read more about vFairs’ unique virtual event features here.

Engagement features: In addition to our next-level networking, we offer a range of features to keep your audience engaged throughout webinars, and as they navigate the event. Add games, trivia, and interactive content to your event so attendees can learn, connect and stay tuned in throughout the entire virtual event.

5-star customer service: The best part about working with vFairs is that our outstanding 5-star customer service backs every event. Your dedicated project team will help you host your best event ever!

Still interested in hybrid or in-person events? Learn more about our mobile app here.

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Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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