Following my previous article asking ‘what AV suppliers need to know about your event’, I was left wondering about the event organiser. I delved back into Blitz AV’s Complete Guide to Audio Visual for Event Planners to find out what event planners need to know about AV.

Though most audiences may not appreciate really good audio visual effects, they will definitely notice the bad ones. Problems such as feedback, cut-outs and audio being too loud can define your event as a flop. It is therefore crucial you understand the technology, equipment and terminology involved in creating flawless AV.

If your audience can’t hear your performers or presenters, then there is little point in hosting the event at all. Equipment such as the PA goes a long way into making an event audible. 

The PA is your sound system and comprises mainly microphones, mixing desks and speakers. Some venues may have an in-built PA system (speakers in the ceilings or microphones on the stage) offering you a cost-effective solution to amplifying your presenter.

Not only does your AV partner look after the sound of your event, they will also manage any visuals you need to include such as presentations, videos and images. Such visuals will need either a screen or a projection and your AV supplier help you decide how best to display your images.

Lighting will help determine such decisions: is your event filled with direct sunlight or artificial lighting? If the event space is too light or too dim, your attendees may not be able to see the presenters or videos. Lights can also create glare off screens and equipment, so this is another consideration for your AV supplier.

It is beneficial to have a thorough understanding of all the elements involved in your event, particularly your AV. This will allow you to understand why your AV partner makes certain changes, brings in certain microphones or uses particular speakers. 

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