Westminster academic celebrates fifth anniversary of Event Tech Lab


In July 2014, Dr James Morgan, Principal Lecturer at the University of Westminster set up the Event Tech Lab. The idea in setting up the virtual incubator, was to help and mentor start up event technology companies wanting to get into the event space, globally. Event Tech Lab will be celebrating its fifth anniversary next week. Over 150 guests will come together in Holborn, London for the annual Event Tech Lab BBQ sponsored by Event Tech Live, the Event Tech Awards and Evolution Domes to celebrate. 

Event Tech Lab’s mission has been to help their partnership community of event technology companies and developers with their product proposition, communications and marketing activities and helped to develop their professional networks. The founder, James Morgan runs the lab as a non-profit company, using the monies generated from partnership fees to fund education and exhibiting opportunities that promotes the network of start ups around the world. The lab communicates on behalf of the partners with journalists, event professionals and event organisers at trade shows, conferences and professional association events. James speaks on event design and technology on a regular basis around the world, combining his academic research with technological and design industry knowledge. 

Mark Jones, CEO of London-based interactive technology company Giant iTab joined the lab when it was first set up in 2014. “Being part of Event Tech Lab has created many opportunities for networking, publicity and, importantly, gaining a better understanding of the event tech arena – both home and overseas. James Morgan’s knowledge of event tech and the exhibitions and conference industry is impressive and this, coupled with his extensive reach, gets us in front of the right people from all sectors of our industry.

The Event Tech Lab is the perfect place to raise awareness for any new product or service. It is geared toward helping start-ups and scale-ups to get their brand and name out into the marketplace. As a result, we have been represented and publicised across many international shows from IMEX in Frankfurt and Las Vegas to the association congress in Gothenburg, IBTM in Barcelona, Best of Events in Dortmund and Digital China in Shanghai.”

Michael Piddock, founder of London-based engagement platform Glisser joined the lab in his company’s first year of existence. He had this to say about his experience as part of the lab community. “James is one of the true personalities of the Event Tech scene, so joining the Event Tech Lab when we first started out in 2015 was a no-brainer. The connections we made were invaluable, and they provided a great platform to access some important events in the space.”

Event Tech Lab spots the trends and latest developments in the technology space working with cutting edge developers such as Houston-based facial recognition platform Zenus Biometrics. They joined the lab community in 2017. CEO Panos Moutafis Ph.D. has this to say. “Event Tech Lab has been instrumental in helping us gain exposure to a diverse audience of event organizers around the world. James is one of a kind. He has a deep knowledge of event tech, rich Rolodex, and a genuine and likable personality. 

From promoting our technology at international exhibitions and online blogs to making direct introductions, his contribution to our brand recognition has been invaluable. In a nutshell, the Event Tech Lab has been an amazing ambassador of our company and working with James continues being phenomenal even after two years.

If you would like to celebrate Event Tech Lab’s anniversary, there are still some tickets available for event technologists and event professionals to attend. Sign up at Eventbrite.

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.