VOK DAMS X ROOVER Metaverse Consulting


With ROOVER Metaverse Consulting, the experts for events and live marketing from VOK DAMS are bringing in further consulting expertise, to serve the increasing demand for Metaverse consulting and workshops from their clients. The Metaverse specialists from VOK DAMS and ROOVER will consult clients on their possibilities and opportunities in the Metaverse. The aim is to optimally position clients in the metaverse so that they can optimally benefit as much from the Web3.0 developments.

With the cooperation, VOK DAMS is strengthening its competencies in strategic development and able to offer clients comprehensive advice on all things Metaverse. From the initial creative concepts to strategy and implementation.

The Metaverse is currently one of the trendsetting and most innovative marketing fields. A new economy is being created, a new environment for work and socializing, new currencies and behaviors in VR. To give clients the opportunity to successfully utilize all this potential, the experts for events and live marketing from VOK DAMS together with ROOVER offer workshops on important technological fundamentals such as NFTs, metaverse and blockchain. The consulting also covers the development of innovative business models, access to the possibilities and opportunities of live marketing in the metaverse and a tailor-made strategy for market entry in the metaverse.

Services to the point:

_Metaverse workshop:

During a half or one day workshop, participants will learn all about the metaverse, NFTs and blockchain technologies. In brainstorming sessions, possible business models will be analyzed as to how companies can use the potential of the metaverse.

_Metaverse Strategy:

In a strategic project, respective business models are analyzed using a metaverse framework. Opportunities and risks for new business models are specifically developed. A clear strategy for entering the Metaverse is developed together with clients.

_Metaverse Building

With cooperation partners from strategy, live marketing as well as software and metaverse design, a comprehensive concept for the actual positioning in the metaverse is developed and the implementation of a first project in the metaverse is planned.

Sam Hyland
Author: Sam Hyland

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