VOK DAMS drives NIO European launch event

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The experts for events and live marketing of VOK DAMS produced the European market introduction of the electric car manufacturer NIO, showcasing its innovative products and services under the motto “A New Horizon”.

1,300 press representatives and NIO partners were introduced to the world of the next stage of EV mobility at the Tempodrom in Berlin. NIO and VOK DAMS jointly staged a multifaceted event with media interviews, partner meetings, keynote presentations, digital experiences, and an afterparty. The event was also livestreamed worldwide.

Successful cooperation for the launch in Europe

With the creation and production of the project, VOK DAMS accompanied the innovative car brand on its journey to build a global and diverse community. “The horizon stands for hope and a better tomorrow. It is a symbol of exploring new possibilities in our lives.”, is how William Li, founder and CEO of NIO, introduced the event with vision and poise.” We are committed to providing our users with a carefree and sustainable lifestyle through our products, services and community. As a global brand, this mission serves a worldwide society. That’s why we are so excited about the launch of NIO in Europe.”

The high-profile launch event saw the cooperation of five different VOK DAMS locations – Shanghai, Berlin, Tallinn, Frankfurt, and Wuppertal, and is a prime example of how its global network can support international multinationals like NIO.

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Rebecca Dixon
Author: Rebecca Dixon

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