Virtual and hybrid events the overwhelming preference for team building as US embraces new ways of working

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In-person company events could be a thing of the past after new research shows 94% of US companies already fully embrace virtual and hybrid events. In addition, more than 80% of those focused on virtual and hybrid working had no desire to change their strategies.

Only 6.2% of companies surveyed said they favoured in-person events, and nearly 94% of companies surveyed said that virtual or hybrid team building events were the best and most effective way for them to organize events based on their current work model.

Having surveyed 5000 companies across the US, Confetti, a website which enables companies to book virtual team building experiences online, found that only 9.3% of companies were running events mostly in person – with 32% operating hybrid events.

“Virtual and hybrid events are now a staple for US companies,” says Lee Rubin, CEO and Founder at Confetti.

“Companies and, most importantly, their teams, love them. And that’s why companies are adopting them on a larger scale. The range of virtual and hybrid events offered through Confetti are quickly becoming a strategic asset in building company culture for the medium and long term as opposed to a temporary Band-Aid solution for connecting work from home employees.”

In addition, whilst 19.6% of companies said they expected to be operating more in-person events over the next year, 24% are anticipating more hybrid events; 23% said they expected no change in the number of virtual or remote events they were operating, whilst 17.5% of companies say they are planning for more virtual events.

Of those companies that have already used the Confetti platform to book their events, 89% of respondents said that interactive games were their favourite type of corporate or team building event, followed by 52% for kit-based food or beverage making events, 41% for kit-based art classes, and 38% for educational, cultural and diversity workshops.

The number of fully remote workers in the US has increased by 240% since 2021 with every state experiencing at least a 10% year-on-year increase in the share of fully remote workers1. Almost six in 10 companies now have at least one remote worker.

“Working remotely provides an opportunity for many, but it also poses new challenges for companies to cultivate team relationships, ensure that employees – wherever they are – connect with the corporate ethos and, most importantly, help everyone work productively together,” continues Lee. “Virtual team building events are now proven to be successful in doing this for those with remote and hybrid teams.”

Confetti is a website where businesses can discover hundreds of exclusive team building, DE&I and professional development ideas and instantly book truly memorable experiences for their teams. Lee Rubin leads a team of 60 colleagues, while Confetti is used by 4,000+ companies such as Google, Facebook, Spotify, and many other start-ups, firms and agencies.


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