Truly, Event Genius…


Reshad Hossenally found his inspiration in a part-time job; selling tickets, by hand, while at university. He went on to found Event Genius, and the related Ticket Arena consumer brand. In 2019, Hossenally and the Event Genius, Ticket Arena company joined forces with Festicket, becoming one of Europe’s leading primary ticketing and event tech providers.

Trusted by the likes of Coachella, Afro Nation, Amnesia Ibiza and Rolling Loud, the Event Genius Group provides services to 35 different countries generating sales of more than £650m.

Throughout, Event Genius has stayed in step with Hossenally’s original ambition – and the company name – to provide promoters with a better means to sell tickets and to manage all aspects of the business.

In this episode, Reshad Hossenally details his role in the recent flurry of Liverpool test events, which, with clinical tests for audiences either side, required no social distancing and no face masks. He talks about Event Genius’ cashless payment system as well. Crucially, post-Covid, it facilitates speed in event transactions and prevents congregation in typical pinch points, reducing risk of contamination and the potential for identifying contacts via RFID bands.


Look out for Hossenally detailing the system’s new functionality too.

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