Top Virtual Platforms for Events

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Through all the tiers and lockdowns the really big pivot is beyond any single company reformatting its events. It’s in how the majority have been able to move from occasional dalliances with the virtual world to taking a game changing part in it, daily.

So one of the real benefits of the last 10 plus months is in knowing that the digital skills everyone has learned, developed, honed and perfected will play an integral part in the new-look event world, post-Covid-19.

With time always permitting, we have all been making a whole lot of lists too of course, from things to do today to favourite films to what we’re going to do when curtain lifts again.

In the spirit of both those things, EIN has compiled a ‘10 of the best’ hitlist of what’s available now to event planners putting shows of any sort online.


Be prepared for a practiced, refined set of solutions. Equal measures of how to build lasting relationships with attendees, sponsors and exhibitors, remote multi presenter panels, the most advanced expo booths, picture in picture functionality, the best engagement tools and much more. It’s all here…

Eventsforce VCD

Eventsforce VCD (Virtual Content Delivery) is a fully integrated event management platform that helps organisers run virtual events and build lasting relationships with their attendees, sponsors and exhibitors online.

Whether you’re hosting a simple training session or a full-scale digital conference, Eventsforce VCD makes it easy for you to create live online events that are interactive and personal. The platform can be used for both virtual and hybrid events and has a range of features that can support you with registrations, online payments, live streaming, networking and audience engagement.

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Screen space that mimics floor space

Imagine an event space transformed into a website and you’ve basically understood how Showcase is producing its clients’ hybrid and virtual events.

To use the word website doesn’t seem to do their technology justice, but in a nutshell that’s what it is, it just happens to be a very clever and more importantly flexible nutshell. On top of this technology Showcase applies all its event production and organisational skills to use on a screen.

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iVent: the virtual event veterans

iVent has been at the forefront of delivering professional virtual events globally for over 11 years with an impressive corporate client list as well as world famous higher education institutions. As an approved virtual event supplier to the British government, iVent is trusted to deliver a range of successful event formats across all these sectors including conferences, exhibitions, careers fairs and product launches.

Uniquely, your iVent team consists of live event professionals packed with a wealth of real world event experience, who are exceptionally proficient in translating event briefs into winning virtual solutions, as well as the very best software geeks in the industry, who develop the market leading, feature full platform.

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Hubb is re-inventing the way the world experiences events. The Hubb platform enables event organizers to design exceptional experiences, whether virtual, in-person or hybrid. Events have changed forever by moving online. In the future, even face-to-face events will need a strong virtual component. But virtual events are not simply onsite meetings moved online. They must engage all participants in powerful new ways that strengthen human connections. With Hubb, conference and meeting professionals can plan, build and manage their onsite and online events from start to finish.   

No need to invest in separate platforms—Hubb is the one platform that masters both environments with serious chops.  It’s not just a live-streaming or webinar tool—it’s a full suite of event-management tools powering the back-end, enabling planners to manage speakers, sponsors, staff and executive meetings.  

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Conference Compass

Conference Compass and its event apps enable large and small associations, professional conference organisers, corporate meeting planners and event tech suppliers to build and engage their virtual/on-site audiences as equal citizens, and turn them into active communities. And we serve some of the biggest conferences worldwide.

When the pandemic hit and everyone felt the devastating impact of COVID-19, we immediately stepped in and made vital changes to our event platform by integrating live-stream video, recordings for on-demand access and private virtual rooms to name a few. Now, we provide the next generation, hyper-personalised mobile and virtual event platforms making events more inclusive, accessible and engaging. Conference Compass brings you high production value, right out of the box!

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Accelevents – The all-in-one events platform you need to add to your tech stack

Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual & hybrid events platform that empowers event organizers and marketing professionals to create authentic human connections and memorable experiences.

Redefine the way you connect with your audience with a user-friendly, yet robust set of customizable and interactive features. Your event attendees can watch keynote talks, attend multiple breakout sessions, engage with each other in workshops, interact with virtual exhibitors, network with groups or individuals, answer polls, download materials, and participate in live chats.

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Brella Choose a virtual event platform that truly empowers your audience

No matter the event, no matter the format, you bring people together to learn from each other, connect with one another and have a unique and fulfilling experience as a collective.

And that magic of events drives our mission at Brella: empower all participants with access to relevant knowledge and connections.

Because when you combine the freshest insights with the feeling of meeting the right person at the right time, your experience must be memorable.

And this memorable experience begins with the right virtual or hybrid event platform – your online venue.

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Glisser – the new frontier in virtual and hybrid events

Glisser is an award-winning virtual and hybrid event platform used by the likes of Informa, Uber, Clarion, Facebook and Jack Morton, and in hybrid studios such as etc.venues and ICC Belfast. Our highly customizable platform works with both our own live streaming and major live streaming providers, presents slides instantly to all devices, offers extensive monetization options, and uses best-in-class audience engagement tools to improve attendee experiences and provide powerful analytics.

Glisser can be used for in-person, virtual and hybrid events – meaning the audience balance can be flexed as necessary, reducing event planning risk. We bring in-person and virtual audiences together for seamless hybrid events – allowing them to interact with the same presentation, at the same time.

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Launch Interactions

Launch Interactions partners with the leading event technologies to offer agencies and organisations across the globe a one-stop-shop for everything event-tech in the physical, virtual, hybrid and webinar event space.

Launch has been supporting clients with event technology since early 2017, offering clients the freedom to change their technology without needing to change trusted teams and partners when a different solution is required for an event.

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Covid-19’s impact on the event industry means organisers need to think differently about how they approach current and future projects.

Hive is Live Group’s bespoke virtual event toolset, made by event professionals for event professionals. With this toolset Live Group is revolutionising the way the event industry approaches virtual and hybrid events.

It’s time to evolve your events.

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