Top tips for designing event signage with impact

Whether you’re hosting a music festival or a business conference, event signage is an important element of the planning process and crucial to the event’s success. People need to be able to easily navigate the venue to ensure a positive attendee experience, repeat business and the maintenance of health and safety standards

Signage is also a great opportunity to promote your brand or to increase revenue from the event by offering advertising space to sponsors — for example, with band stage banners and backdrop stands. Attending or hosting an event requires a significant investment of time and money, so you want to be sure you’re investing wisely. We’ve put together our top tips for designing event signage to help you deliver a successful event that makes people keen to return for more.

Conduct a walk-through of the venue

Once you’ve secured your venue and have established a draft plan for the event, it’s a good idea to conduct a walk-through to gain insight into the attendee experience. Start from where your attendees will begin their event experience. For example, this may start before they get to the venue — so erect signs en route for people travelling in. 

Proceed through the venue as you expect attendees to and look out for any obvious gaps or ambiguities in signage. What size font should you use to ensure people can read signs from a car as they drive past? Are signs frequent enough from the start point to the destination? Does your plan include signs for all the facilities available to guests — toilets, stage areas, registration, ticket collection, refreshments, first aid? 

Missing or ambiguous signs can lead to frustration or even dangerous situations if people cannot identify exits or where to find the help they need in an emergency. 

Get creative with outdoor and indoor event signage

Event signage must serve its purpose by clearly marking directions, locations and facilities. But there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun with your designs and create something out-of-the-box to delight attendees and make your event stand out. Consider all of the space you have. Why restrict yourself to wall signs and banners? Adding a floor graphic or printed lino flooring is a great way to catch the eye of attendees and add some personality to your event.

Lino flooring can be printed with anything from simple logos and directions to extravagant scenes and landscapes. When it comes to event signage, your imagination is the only limitation. Signage should reflect the look and feel of the event and be designed with the target attendee in mind. 

Bespoke band stage banners and backdrop stands

Bespoke band stage banners and backdrop stands are ideal for promoting the name of a band, company or performer. They assume a prime position on the stage and will feature in all the event photography. They are an effective way of instantly transforming a stage to reflect the personality of the performer and create atmosphere. It’s worth investing in backdrops made from robust material that will stand the test of time. 

Vary the format of event signage

Fabric banners and backdrops, lino floorings and traditional print signage all have a string of benefits. There’s no need to limit yourself to a single format or material for all of your event signage. Mix it up a little to keep your attendees engaged. Try adding some script balloons to convey a welcome message at the entrance or create a unique gobo to project a logo onto the stage in coloured light. If you’re planning a nighttime event or one where the light will dim, neon signs are a great way to grab people’s attention. 

Create a social media sharing zone

Many of your attendees will be checking in on Facebook and posting selfies of themselves at your event on Instagram. Why not capitalise on this opportunity to gain extra exposure for your event by providing a designated area for people to take photographs and post to social media? Backdrop stands can be customised for your event to display company or sponsors logos, an image of performers or anything you wish to promote. Add a table of props and some comfy chairs to encourage attendees to take a snap in front of your backdrop — and they’re more likely to advertise your event via social media. Make sure your social media handles are displayed loud and proud across your backdrop stand and other event signage. 

The importance of event signage is often overlooked, or the focus is placed entirely on its function as navigational support. Successful event organisers know event signage is a fantastic opportunity to enhance the experience and engage attendees — and to boost marketing efforts and revenue. Consider your event’s objective, who is likely to attend, budget and the availability of additional resources such as staffing. Creative, innovative and helpful signage can make the difference between a successful event and one that will never be repeated. 

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