Tobacco Dock continues their infrastructure upgrade programme with data communications upgrade to 10Gb


It would take more than a global pandemic to make the Tobacco Dock team stand still! Following extensive venue improvements at the end of last year and beginning of 2020, they have taken the opportunity to extend their offering yet further. The London venue has added to their already impressive tech infrastructure by expanding their bandwidth capacity to 10 Gigabits.

This upgrade has been executed by their service partner, Max WiFi. Dan O’Connell, Head of Operations at Max WiFi: ‘We have been working with Tobacco Dock for over 7 years and are proud to have helped them implement one of the most capacious and robust networks in London. We believe that this latest expansion to 10Gb bandwidth means that there is no venue with a greater capacity.’

This expansion will serve to underpin their reputation as the first choice for tech and gaming clients. The connectivity at Tobacco Dock has long been a point of competitive advantage and this latest upgrade will make the streaming and sharing of content faster than ever for as many as 8,000 simultaneous users. In terms of the speed on offer, the bandwidth will allow a standard HD movie file (5GB) to download in 4 seconds, a 25GB Xbox game in 20 seconds or the latest full 4k ultra high definition movie (75GB) in under a minute. 

With this increased data capability, the Tobacco Dock team will target new sectors such as the e-sports industry. ‘We’re excited about the opportunities this latest upgrade will offer our clients,’ says Jonathan Read, Tobacco Dock’s Commercial Director. ‘While our existing tech infrastructure was exceptionally generous, this increase to our bandwidth means that there’s no London venue with greater capacity. We are doing all we can in this fallow period to put us in the best position once demand for live events resumes.


‘This has terrific implications for our many tech and data analytics clients and those hosting product launches which need immediate and reliable global streaming. It’s also a terrific asset to bolster our new hybrid event offering, Live From Tobacco Dock, giving our clients the opportunity to extend their scope further than ever before.’