This is just the boost that the indstry needs to kickstart its recovery’ Juliet Price HBAA


Juliet Price is consultant executive director of HBAA which recently highlighted how hundreds of event bookings were being delayed because of the ban on site visits until 17 May, and which contacted DCMS about this issue.

Juliet Price commented; “This is terrific news and just the boost that the business events, accommodation and meetings industry needs to kickstart its recovery.

“This has been a concerted effort in recent weeks by many industry leaders not just HBAA and we are hugely  grateful to BVEP and DCMS  in helping the industry achieve this business-critical point of guidance for the meetings and events sector.

“We can all be pleased that not only has our voice been heard at the highest level but, most importantly, we have the decision and action that we’ve campaigned for. It’s a very significant step forward for our industry.”


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