Emerging festival ticketing technologies and new applications of existing technology are some of the biggest trends in the festival industry. With the right festival ticketing and registration mix, you can gather data to enhance the festival goer’s experience, reduce ticket fraud, and decrease entry waiting times.

Enhancing the Event-Goer Customer Experience
An intuitive ticket search and event registration process sets the stage for what the festival experience will be in the minds of prospective attendees. Traditionally, the ticketing process looks something like this:

■ A prospective attendee visits the festival’s official website and selects a ticket type.

■ The attendee then downloads a registration form, fills it out and sends it to the event organiser.


■ Once the registration form is processed, the tickets are mailed to the attendee’s shipping address.

■ On the day of the festival, the attendee waits in line for the event staff to check them in.

Event Espresso offers a festival ticketing system for WordPress websites that allows you to enhance the event-goer’s customer experience through online event registrations. It automates the event registration process and allows you to collect payments directly through your site. Instead of mailing attendees their tickets, you can give them the option to print their tickets at home and scan them using a mobile device at check-in.

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