Ticketco Media Services partners with Spektrix to enhance broadcasting service for theatre sector


TicketCo Media Services (former known as TicketCo TV) have partnered with Spektrix, a powerful technology platform for ticketing, marketing and fundraising in the arts, to increase digital growth opportunities for the theatre sector.

The online pay-per-view and video-on-demand broadcasting solution has been integrated with Spektrix. It means clients will be able to maximise commercial revenue by combining the CRM, ticketing and marketing fundraising tools provided by Spektrix and TicketCo Media Services’ online broadcasting services.

Kaare Bottolfsen, CEO of TicketCo Media Services said: “This is a partnership based on innovation and a shared commitment to providing an ever-improving customer experience. Together TicketCo Media Services and Spektrix will give clients access to fast, easy to use and fully integrated broadcasting and digital marketing services. The integration means that clients will retain the integrity of their datasets and their customers will enjoy a seamless user experience.

“TicketCo Media Services has made a big impact in the UK theatre sector this year, helping organisations to continue to perform, connect with audiences and generate revenue via online broadcasting. We look forward to expanding our position in the UK theatre sector through our partnership with Spektrix.”


Anna Wiseman, Strategic Partner Relations of Spektrix said: “We’re really pleased to welcome TicketCo Media Services as a new addition to our Partner Network. The ability to monetise online events has been a lifeline for many cultural organisations in 2020 and there are strong indications that this model of engaging audiences and widening access to the arts is here to stay. So, it’s vital that clients have access to a range of streaming providers that can work with Spektrix.

“We’re pleased that TicketCo Media Services has been able to sue our open API to integrate its platform, enduring that shared clients can offer a streamlined purchase and viewing experience, while retaining full ownership of their customer data.”

TicketCo, a Norwegian event payment platform, launched TicketCo Media Services in response to COVID-19. The streaming service enables monetising possibilities for pay-per-view events, offering a peerless one-stop shop with a friction-less customer journey within a well-tested sales platform. The HD quality broadcast can be viewed on any device that the viewer opts to use, including Apple TV, Android TV or Fire TV app as well as mobiles, tablets or desktops.

TicketCo Media Services has recently been used to broadcast content online by venues and companies including the Royal Albert Hall, Southbank Centre, Wise Children and Tall Stories.  For UK arts organisations that use Spektrix for customer relationship management the integration means TicketCo Media Services is available for monetisation of digital content without any sign-up costs or subscription fees.

Mr Bottolfsen added: “The pandemic has made broadcasting online a necessity for theatres and production companies and our service makes it available for all.”

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