Ticket Tailor extends offer to keep platform free for online events until at least 1st September 2020


Ticket Tailor, the independent online ticketing platform, reacted quickly when the pandemic triggered the lockdown back in March. Within a week of it hitting they had run an initiative called ForgoMyRefund.org for ticket buyers to donate their ticket fee to event organisers, offered all users the ability to apply for refunds for cancelled events (which is beyond their standard policy) and, most importantly, they created the ability to sell tickets for online/virtual events and then took the decision to make it free for all users until 1st July.

Jonny, the founder of Ticket Tailor explains more: “At Ticket Tailor we’ve seen first hand the impact that this pandemic has had on our event organisers and so we have been constantly asking ourselves a simple question: What more can we do to support event organisers during this difficult time? One of our core values is being supportive to our event organisers, and we need to live up to that now more than ever.”

As the lockdown and return to the “new normal” looks likely to last longer than expected they are announcing today that they’ll be extending the free for online and virtual events offer until at least 1st September.

Jonny goes on to say “We’re taking a long term view on this crisis. We know at some point events will go back to being in-person, albeit slightly differently, but in the interim we’re going to continue doing all we can to support our community. The response to the initial announcement was overwhelming, we were flooded with users letting us know how helpful lifting our fees was, so it was a simple decision to extend it.”


The majority of events taking place online at the moment are workshops, courses and classes. These tend to be the right size for the facilitator to add value to individual participants and demand a ticket fee. Larger events such as concerts and festivals have tended to move to free streaming services and are less likely to use a ticketed model.

As the lockdown continues the team are now thinking about which tools and features will help event organisers get back to in-person events as quickly as possible. They are considering how social distancing will impact event registration and what changes will be temporary, versus which will last for the foreseeable future. Whether it’s due to government intervention or consumer expectations, one thing is clear, the ticketing industry is going to have to innovate quickly over the next few months in order to help the industry come back to life and Ticket Tailor is determined to stay ahead of the curve.

Part of this process is keeping an open dialogue with event organisers across different industries. That’s one of the reasons they’ve just launched The Event Creators Collective – a forum for event creators to share knowledge and discuss the future of the industry. The Ticket Tailor team are holding weekly webinars with different event organisers around the world and allowing us all to listen in. The free webinars are a great place to hear how your peers are reacting to the current situation.

Read more about how Ticket Tailor is responding to Coronavirus.

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