Thermal Imaging – The missing piece

Solving the ‘COVID-19 Secure’ Events Industry battle plan puzzle!


Pylon One Limited, have consulted with leading events industry Health and Safety professionals, seeking their advice as to the ‘how’ the events industry re-opens and attracts visitors. 

Making visitors feel safe by demonstrating a significant commitment to screening and paying attention to visitor density and following the UK government guidance to social distancing, were at the top of the agenda.

A leading academic says about Thermal Imaging systems,

“They are…….. only one tool among many” James Ferryman, Professor of computational vision from the University of Reading


Pylon One have been providing event analytics since 2015;  Building on this experience they have continually developed new products for data driven insights, which resulted in the creation of the Multiverse Analytics brand in 2019.  Multiverse Analytics, is considered as the home of location analytics and situational awareness, with a large percentage of the products fully developed in house, leveraging experience of the events market and home grown engineering talent and technical expertise.  

All Multiverse Analytics products are driven by a common platform, enabling the company to build highly bespoke solutions, using individual modules, or a combination of multiple modules, dependent on client requirements.  

With the need to consider UK government guidelines on social distancing for live events, Thermal Imaging was a natural fit, representing the final missing piece of the COVID-19 safe, battle plan puzzle.

The individual modules available within the platform, are, in their own right highly valuable, but only when you bring all of these modules together, do you really solve the puzzle creating a powerful solution to monitor the effectiveness of the measures taken to ensure both a safe and enjoyable, engaging event experience for visitors

Mike Lang, Sales and Marketing Director Pylon One Limited said, “We have seen products coming to the market as a direct result of the COVID-19 challenges our industry faces. However it is very important that solutions that we develop or bring to the market have a life expectancy that far outlasts this pandemic and delivers value to the industry over the long term.   As with some of our other modules, we have strategic partners and in this instance, we have selected and partnered with Optimal Risk.  They have demonstrated to us that they fully appreciate the implications of someone presenting a raised temperature and how we must deal with these situations in a discreet and compassionate manner, as part of an overarching Health and safety process.

It is absolutely correct that innovation and entrepreneurial flair is encouraged in these very trying times.  However, what is particularly pleasing, is that other than our Thermal Imaging capability, as Pylon One we have been actively promoting the value and power of analytics and insights to the events industry, successfully for a number of years.   

Positive feedback from our industry confirms that our Multiverse Analytics portfolio is well positioned to play a major role in our industries efforts to continue the fight back and indeed, come back even stronger, delivering even better live event experiences!”

Alan Law, Director, AFL Associates Ltd commented, “Event agencies and organisers are now legally required to identify and implement suitable and sufficient control measures to reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19 to the lowest possible level between Clients, event staff, venue staff, contractors, suppliers and delegates.They also need to implement reasonable preventative measures that restore Client and delegate confidence in an Event Organiser’s ability to deliver a ‘COVID-19 Secure’ event.

The application of unified platforms such as Multiverse Analytics could be used to significantly increase the effectiveness of any exiting control measures in place to reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19 and restore Client & delegate confidence.

The puzzle is complete!


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