The Unpopular Opinion Part 4 – why do event organisations have siloed digital marketing teams?


Part 4 of our Unpopular Opinion series asks telling questions relating to the marketing spend of event organisers…

Marketing guru Mark Ritson stated: “‘digital’ marketing is just marketing”. In 2019, it has never been truer.

Why do organisers pay £££’s for an entirely new team of ‘specialists’ that have no events industry experience, don’t understand the persona of your target audience and won’t get their hands dirty ‘doing’ the everyday delivery of building an event?

Event marketers have to be incredibly flexible with their use of the marketing mix and select exactly the right channels to reach a target visitor audience. If marketers don’t fully understand new ‘digital’ marketing channels, how are they going to know whether they are appropriate in driving audiences to your event? They’ll spend your precious event budget on outdated routes to market that won’t yield results.


“You have to maintain a culture of transformation and stay true to your values,” said Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn.

It’s like implementing a new CRM and not giving your staff training. Or changing the fire escape route and not alerting your team. By not upskilling your team, you are doing them a disservice and not making them fit-for-purpose.

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Katie Crocombe – 52eight3 

Katie is Director of 52eight3 Ltd, the brand-new marketing and events consultancy whose client list includes, AMR International, Western Business Exhibitions and Reed Exhibitions.

Previously Event Director at Artexis Easyfairs, Katie has over 14 years’ experience in delivering b2b exhibitions across the world.

Katie’s passions are ensuring events deliver the best attendee experience for both exhibitors and visitors, collaborative working and promoting the events industry.


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