As an industry, are we guilty of conforming to certain ways of thinking? Do some event professionals possess opinions that they fear might not be popular with their peers? In life, it sometimes only takes one person to stand up and share a thought in order to prompt more people to say, ‘I think the same’.

Today we publish the second article in a brand-new series called ‘The Unpopular Opinion’. With this series, Event Industry News is giving event professionals the chance to stand up and share a thought that may not be ‘the common way of thinking’. In the first instance, we will not publish the name of the person who has written the piece. We want our followers to respond to the content rather than the person. The name of the writer is instead hidden at the foot of the piece.

If you have an opinion on any aspect of the events industry that you feel might be unpopular, send it in to editor (at)  

The Unpopular Opinion Part 2: Sharing menus at corporate dinners

The first time any of us encountered shared or ‘family-style’ dining was probably at home with loved ones, laughing and joking with everyone spooning roast potatoes onto each other’s plates.

It’s not surprising for wedding couples to want to capture that collaborative, friendly energy on their big day, which has led to shared dining becoming a bit of a mainstay in the wedding market. This hasn’t yet caught on in the corporate events sector, but if you think about modern day companies, they are built on culture and camaraderie.

The top priority for an office refurb is to maximise creativity and wellbeing, encourage team work, and inspire staff to move around and interact. It therefore makes perfect sense for corporate event teams to start introducing that vibe at company dinners. Sharing menus are more dynamic, more collaborative, they get the conversation flowing and create a buzz. That’s a very desirable thing, not just at home with family and friends or at a wedding, but also within modern working culture as well.

Keep an eye on industry events this year, we think sharing menus will be popping up a lot more.

Mark Maher is Director of Boulevard Events, a multi-award winning family catering company.

I come from a family of food and catering entrepreneurs and I spent most of my youth hanging around the kitchen in our family restaurant ‘Boulevard.’ I was always intrigued by food and the way it’s prepared to enhance different flavours and then presented immaculately. After school, I worked full-time as a Chef for Boulevard Catering before attending University to study another passion of mine in Sports Science.

It was there that I found I had a passion for health and human performance. I’ve spent a decade trying to improve my own health and wellbeing, dedicating most of my spare time to learning what I can about nutrition, exercise and sleep. I’m a strong advocate for health and I try to help others, wherever possible, to take better care of themselves. When I’m not doing that, I’m running our family events catering company with my brothers and sister.

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