As an industry, are we guilty of conforming to certain ways of thinking? Do some event professionals possess opinions that they fear might not be popular with their peers? In life, it sometimes only takes one person to stand up and share a thought in order to prompt more people to say, ‘I think the same’.

In a brand new series of articles called ‘The Unpopular Opinion’, Event Industry News is giving event professionals the chance to stand up and share a thought that may not be ‘the common way of thinking’. In the first instance we will not reveal the name of the person who has written the piece. We want our followers to respond to the content rather than the person. The name of the writer will instead be hidden at the foot of the article.

If you have an opinion on any aspect of the events industry that you feel might be unpopular, send it in to   

The Unpopular Opinion Number 1 – Event Professional Brain Drain


“I believe veteran event professionals have turned off some of the smartest minds from a new generation from entering our industry. 

Event professionals who come from a time when the industry was less defined clawed their way up to create a viable and respectable industry through countless hours and hard work. Believing this to be the only path to success, they often perpetuate a culture that is not holistic, leading to higher levels of stress than necessary. In addition, this older generation resents younger professionals entering the live event industry who have expectations of balanced living by seeing it as an entitlement. 

This older generation constructed an industry on hard labour, but it’s now built, the scaffolding can come down. The challenges of the future require sharp minds more than strong backs, and scaring away bright future leaders could stunt our evolution.”

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Nick Borelli has been in events and hospitality since he was 14 years old with a web design side-hustle that stretches back 20 years as well. Eventually merging his passion for live and digital engagement, Nick is a consultant, strategist, speaker and writer focused on bringing people together to accomplish big goals.


Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.