The Ops Nest set to deliver actionable sustainability solutions for the benefit of the wider industry


The Ops Nest announce latest ‘ops-stacle’ challenge to explore sustainability and create a collective resource for the wider industry to utilise.

The ‘Big Green Book of Little Green Ideas’ will provide practical, actionable initiatives and best practice examples for operational professionals to implement and make the step changes needed to reduce their environmental footprint with credibly measurable results.

Created in partnership with Green Circle Solutions, the ‘ops-stacle’ will be led by a team of 3 experts bringing a combined 70+ years industry experience to the project. Green Circle Managing Director David Humphreys, professionally qualified in sustainability and a member of IEMA; Marisa Beckman, exhibition owner, member of the Cross Association Sustainability Working Group and owner of independent operations firm, Inovent; and Sally Field, Middle East based operations professional who most recently worked across sustainability planning for Informa Markets.

Humphreys, Beckman, and Field will lead a team of 20+ Ops Nest members to create the output which will be made available to the wider industry.


“Sustainability has been a key industry topic for years, individual organisations have trailblazed, however collectively little has been achieved,” says Humphreys. “The Ops Nest will drive a set of actionable solutions and ideas which we can use as an industry to drive sustainability. True collaboration is the way forward and The Ops Nest are the epitome of shared professional ideas and ideals.”

“This will be a significant development for the industry.” adds Beckman, “The sheer number of people involved in the Ops Nest and their passion and drive to pool our cumulative knowledge and practical experience together to deliver one cohesive, creative and understandable format is incredibly exciting. The Big Green Book of Little Green Ideas will be a resource that anyone, at any stage of their operational career, will be able to utilise to address sustainability.”

The Big Green Book of Little Green Ideas will be published digitally in April as a free resource for the benefit of all. Actionable documents and templates enabling compliance will be available to Ops Nest Members and Sustainability Masterclass participants. The book will join previous ‘ops-stacle’ output ‘A Guide to the Guidance’ which offers practical solutions to the ‘All Secure Standard for Covid-safe events.’

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