The eastside rooms to partner with industry talent initiatives


The eastside rooms will partner with the leading industry talent initiatives as part of the its pre-opening recruitment drive. Following the launch of the venue’s partnership with the Event Management Apprenticeships Programme (EMAP) last month, the business is keen to continue to work with talent-based initiatives within the industry, ahead of its launch in spring 2020.

As part of this commitment, and to ensure the right options are in place for its people to be found, nurtured and developed, the eastside rooms has also committed to supporting both Elevate and the First Steps programme, as well as EMAP.

The venue will also be accredited to the living wage foundation and has committed to recruiting an apprentice in every department of the organisation’s structure. To do this, the eastside rooms has been working alongside the national Trailblazers apprenticeship scheme, targeting local talent across Birmingham and the West Midlands, since its inception. Finally, the venue has been partnering with local universities in the surrounding ‘Knowledge Quarter’ of Birmingham, to offer placements, work experienced and to support hospitality course content, and possible employment opportunities. 

By working with First Steps, the community of event professionals set up in order to help event industry newcomers, the venue is looking to allow new joiners to its events team to gain both education and networking opportunities with other likeminded professionals. Equally, the eastide rooms will be encouraging all ambitious new joiners the opportunity to join the Elevate mentoring scheme. This will be specifically geared towards those middle management positions looking to develop into senior leadership roles. 


“From the outset, the values of the business have been to both find and nurture local talent, but also to give people that want a career in events a perfect springboard for their careers,” comments Matt Huddart, Regional General Manager, the eastside rooms. “We’re a business that will be a firm fixture of the events industry, so it’s important we work with the many outstanding people-led initiatives that are out there from the outset.”

“Over the next few months we’ll be inviting more #eventproffs into the space so we can continue to listen to what they are after and give them the space they need.”

The eastside rooms will open in spring 2020, however the space itself will be presented to meetings and events planners in the autumn this year.

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