I only joined Event Industry News in March and am already stunned by the sheer vastness of the event industry. To claim my share of the knowledge shared by my new colleagues, I have thrown myself into researching everything about event planning, technology and terminology. My research material has included The Complete Guide to Audio Visual for Event Planners by Blitz AV, and it has given me a useful insight into the world of AV.

In my first of three articles about what I learned from Blitz AV’s guide, I will share my new-found knowledge surrounding what an AV supplier needs to know about the event on which they are working.

What does your AV supplier need to know about your event?

Your AV supplier is the brains behind making your event look and sound flawless. However, organising the audio/visual effects of an event can be challenging and there are several things they need to know before they can work their magic.

Of course, you will need to be concise with the general objective, concept and design of your event. Are there certain requirements? Is there a certain theme you are running? Do you have particular targets to meet? However, your AV supplier will also need the nitty-gritty details of anything that might require sound/lighting: presentations, live music, videos, speakers, stages and dance floors, for example.

Your AV team would benefit from a detailed run of show and a copy of any presentations/videos that you want showing in the event. This will allow them to test the content on their playback machines and make adjustments as needed. Allow them time for a 30-minute run-through before the event starts to ensure everything runs smoothly – don’t let the first part of your presentation end up being a public rehearsal!

Be clear with the AV team about the logistical aspects of each presentation, for example, the programmes on which they are created, unusual fonts used and the aspect ratio. If any changes are made along the way, your AV team need to know! Changes to your content, timing or venue might mean alterations for the AV supplier. Even if it’s a little change: when in doubt, mention it!

Essentially, there isn’t a lot of things your AV supplier doesn’t need to know. These suppliers are the tech wizards behind making your event flow seamlessly in regard to lighting and sound, so the more information they have, the easier their job will be.

To get a complete guide to AV for your event download a free guide here http://bit.ly/2Oghl6v

Molly joined the editorial team in March 2019. She has several years’ experience working in broadcast and journalism, as well as marketing and PR. Past experience includes working for the BBC and independent publishing houses. If you have a story you think Molly might be interested in, please email: molly@eventindustrynews.com