That’s a wrap on Event Tech Live Las Vegas 2023

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People were back, remarkably fresh-faced, from the Royal Crawl which had stretched far beyond midnight, building on associations made at the show and finding out more about ideas seen on display or heard about from speakers. 

Great to see the likes of Evolution Dome, behavioural analytics specialist Zenus AI and Wisconsin-based audio/comms problem solvers Implecho in the thick of the action.     

Among the touted session highlights on day two, ‘Achieving perfect personalization at events’, which featured Michael Brown, VP of innovation at SXSW, and senior manager for event and brand technology at Salesforce, Brianna Jackson. They brought a great combination of tales direct from the highest profile shows and ways/means to work better, more effectively, through tech.

Also on the Main Stage, RJ Crowder-Schaefer, head of event tech at Bloomberg, talking technology lessons learned through three years and more than 6,500 events. Don’t even think the maths, RJ quickly made it clear he wasn’t at all of them. Similarly, it’s impossible to get across all the content at ETL Vegas but the platforms and the planning tools the organiser makes available means everyone can get to their individual ‘must haves’ and catch up with what they don’t see via recordings, which will be available at

Aptly, The new hybrid event paradigm, in the Engagement Theater, was another really good bit of day two content. The very fact that there is a pattern to such a fast-evolving concept was intriguing and Alec Sonenthal, director of education at Eventsair, was a perfect person to colour that picture in.

On a similar tack an hour or so later, in the Tech Talks Theater, Lisa Schulteis who founded ElectraLime Marketing, presented ‘Why hybrid events are here to stay…or should be’, which inadvertently amplified some of Sonenthal’s observations while pushing the conversation on around a not so virtual corner.

The inaugural ETL Hosted Buyer Programme continued to pay dividens. Branded a resounding success by the companies and exhibitors taking part, and by pretty much the whole show floor too, it’s an element of the new blueprint that organiser EIN is sure to bring back across the Atlantic to the London show later this year.  

Co-founder Adam Parry was on the boards again towards the end of the afternoon in Vegas, announcing CapTag as winner of the Launchpad Competition.  

Adam Parry comments: “There was a real bounce into day two and it couldn’t have gone better. Event Tech Live Las Vegas had a fantastic reaction and we will definitely be back for more next year on May 1st & 2nd! My thanks to every sponsor, every exhibitor, every speaker, every visitor and to every member of the team. ETL is a product of the union of those people, their contemporary thinking and their prowess.”

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