TEMBO MD, Kate Disley, predicts surge of launches in 2021


TEMBO IMPACT is receiving a significant number of enquiries regarding our services, specifically for launch events. Although currently embargoed for disclosure, these events are all slated for 2021. 

Kate Disley, Managing Director of TEMBO reports; “After unarguably the worst year for the events industry, the green shoots of recovery are starting to show. The scorched earth left by the absence of larger events has allowed room for those with a creative mind, drive, and more time on their hands (due to a lot of brilliant talent being released) to take the plunge and launch into, what would otherwise be, a dominated market. In the last few months, I’ve heard about multiple launches and I expect to hear about a lot more as we go into 2021.”

Using a specialist event marketing agency for a launch campaign means new event organisers have a turn-key solution, i.e., a full, highly experienced marketing team within 7 days. There are no onerous overheads or HR commitments, and the resource is flexible and scalable.  The most appealing aspect is the speed at which an agency like IMPACT can get a new event to market, while utilising a pay-as-you-go model.

On new event organisers coming into the industry, Kate comments, “It’s understood that the biggest risk to a new business is overstretching yourself and taking on too many commitments in the early days. It’s also so important to find people that know what they’re doing, to help you get off the ground. Once you’ve navigated the first event then you can start to build your empire but keep it lean and overhead-light at the outset.”


Looking forward to what this means for the industry, TEMBO are anticipating greater reliance on outsourcing to specialists.  Asked what new event organisers can do to make the most of this tumultuous time, Kate responds, “The key will be to do it better. The pandemic has exacerbated weaknesses in some event business models, where there hasn’t been a substantial 365 campaign in place and the brand doesn’t ‘own’ the community. This is our opportunity to reset and get it right.”

And what does TEMBO have planned for 2021?

“We’ll be looking at all the different ways we can support the industry to get back on its feet through each of our services; TEMBO IMPACT, TEMBO CONTENT and TEMBO PEOPLE. We’re also building our training resource, TEMBO TECHNIQUES, and will be looking to launch our own events in the coming months!”

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