Sustainable Supplier Spotlight: iVent


When you think about a virtual event, what comes to mind? Engaging presentations, insightful group chats, perhaps great online networking opportunities. But not many consider the awesome positive sustainability impact of a virtual event. While it is true that a virtual event can be up to 66 times more sustainable than a similar physical event, there are still CO2 emissions that are produced from electricity generated to power computers and the Cloud infrastructure.

Here at iVent, we specialise not only in the design, management and delivery of virtual and hybrid events, but are also on a mission to shift the event industry into a more sustainable future.

Using our powerful digital platform, we have delivered successful virtual events and created digital hubs for international clients like KPMG, Jet2, Oxford University, Fujitsu and more.

Our approach is to be your partner in virtual events and help you create and deliver virtual experiences that meet your business and environmental objectives. By joining iVent, you will get a dedicated Account Manager, Event Project Manager and a Designer with every new event you host with us. We always aim for a collaborative effort that helps you leverage the most out of our virtual events platform.


With iVent, you can host bespoke digital spaces for a wide range of events including conferences and exhibitions, careers fairs, training events and massive networking events with global attendance to maximise your engagement and reach.

You can organise one-to-one video chat meetings, live streaming to anywhere in the world with virtual ticketing and breakout spaces, all backed up with live support. This creates an authentic user experience for your event attendees, whether they are present digitally, or in-person.

By going virtual today, you are helping the planet of tomorrow. And, to help you offset your CO2 emissions of your next virtual event we are committing to plant 1% of your first event fee worth of trees on us, to help the environment. Our recent clients have helped us plant over 1,500 trees which has helped us offset over 500 tonnes of CO2.

So why not get in touch today, and see how we can help your next virtual event be the most sustainable ever.


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