SpotMe, the leading provider of enterprise engagement platforms, has been shortlisted in five categories at the Event Technology Awards 2018: Best Hybrid or Live Streaming Solution, Best Use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction, Best Use of Technology for Audience Participation, Best Event Networking Technology, and Best Event App.

Over the last 12 months, more than one million people across the world have used the SpotMe platform, which powers transformative events and drives long-term engagement for 75 Fortune 500 companies and 240 organisations overall.

SpotMe’s enterprise solutions include mobile apps, platform and support services to facilitate adoption. Through this suite of offerings, SpotMe empowers companies to plan ambitious, engaging events and create meaningful, relevant connections with customers, partners and employees. And thanks to their uniquely flexible architecture, SpotMe apps are built for rapid innovation and configuration based on specific needs and goals.

With more than 3,000 apps deployed by customers during the past year, the battle-tested SpotMe platform has proven itself secure, robust, and effective at inspiring event participants.


In the category for Best Hybrid or Live Streaming Solution, the SpotMe platform has allowed client partners to create unified experiences that connect remote audiences within one app. The SpotMe app’s hybrid capabilities include team projects, assignments and collaboration, session registration, virtual networking, team chats, and content libraries with learning materials and business analysis. By creating a wide array of touchpoints, SpotMe delivers a continuous engagement journey before, during, and after events.

In the category for Best Use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction, SpotMe has responded to the increasingly fragmented attention among event participants by introducing gamification modules. Games like a scavenger hunt begin with prompts and directions in the SpotMe app, then drive real activity among participants that encourages team collaboration and bonding. What’s more, gamified modules help drive enterprise app adoption, even above 90% at some events, helping hosts achieve engagement goals.

In the category for Best Use of Technology for Audience Participation, SpotMe has pioneered mobile engagement strategies that activate participant involvement during events and nurture personal connections to materials and speakers. Innovative visualisations within the SpotMe app turn panels and talks into interactive experiences in which the audience has a voice. From word clouds and live polling to audience guided panel discussions and moderated Q&As, SpotMe’s audience participation capabilities are regularly cited in post-event surveys as indispensable for event engagement.

In the category for Best Event Networking Technology, SpotMe has allowed event organisers to combine a variety of networking capabilities that encourage participants to create meaningful connections. For example, Networking Puzzle incentivises the exchange of virtual business cards through gamification and has proven successful at getting people to break out of their silos. Additional capabilities like Participant Matching, Filters based on personal interests, and Nearby which identifies like-minded people, help participants save time while meeting people with similar interests and create long-lasting connections.

In the category for Best Event App, SpotMe has showcased its inspiring mobile capabilities with engagement challenges. This type of advanced module allows event hosts to stimulate creative thinking among participants, reinforce learning objectives, and encourage personal connection to speakers and materials. This type of engagement challenge facilitates small-group brainstorming sessions during events by centralizing information and briefs, group submissions, and voting on top ideas all within the SpotMe app. Testimonials collected after events show that this module helps bring better outcomes and retention among participants.

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.