Slido launches Quizzes – a new way to gamify your presentation, training or lecture


Slido, a leading audience interaction platform, launches a new feature Quizzes (Beta) to all its users at Event Tech Live in London today. Slido Quizzes allow presenters, lecturers or trainers to gamify the learning and make it more social, competitive and fun.

Slido built Quizzes on top of the existing live polling functionality, allowing users to experience the same product simplicity that they are familiar with.

The quiz questions are displayed on the main screen and can be activated one by one with a click. As the quiz comes to an end, the host is able to reveal the leaderboard, showing the participants with the highest score and announcing the winner.

In the words of Slido’s CEO, Peter Komornik: “Quizzes mark another important milestone in Slido’s journey. Our customers have been requesting this feature for a long time and we believe that adding Quizzes into our platform reflects Slido’s mission to maximise the learning people get from joining a meeting or event.”


Slido’s Head of User Research, Peter Krajnak, expanded on the thought: “We’re excited to bring Quizzes to Slido to push the learning of participants even further Quizzes make the learning experience more interactive, ensuring attendees maximize their learning during the sessions.”

As part of its official launch, Quizzes was used at Web Summit in Lisbon on November 5th, the largest tech conference in the world. The moderators used the feature to recapitulate  highlights from the morning sessions at the Startup University stage.

Slido Quizzes (Beta) is now available to all users starting today at