With the clubbing season beginning and our busiest period just around the corner, we decided the time was right to overhaul our App and design a one-stop-shop for music lovers. In a nutshell, we have created the first bespoke event guide, ticketing outlet and discovery platform, which users can download for free via their IPhone and Android devices.

As well as allowing users to discover and plan events – alongside booking tickets; the App -also offers a uniquely personalised experience for each user based on their musical preferences.

We know this experience has completely disrupted the way event discovery works on IPhone and Android devices; using machine learning to analyse a user’s previous activity and preferences to suggest a unique selection of events and artists.


Designed to work with users at the start of their event planning journey; we have gone one step further than traditional ticketing Apps, offering a bespoke discovery experience as well as a ticket retailing service. By suggesting a range of carefully selected options that help users to design their nights, the App acts as a one-stop shop, making event planning simple, efficient and enjoyable.

As well as featuring an entirely personalised homepage, the Skiddle App becomes more intelligent with use by tailoring events using Skiddle’s Big Data* platform, which collects billions of pieces of data about our events and customers, from multiple platforms and channels.

Why is this new update important?

In the past, ticketing Apps have existed to sell tickets rather than act as an event discovery experience. This significantly hampers user participation and limits exposure to a fantastic range of gigs, club nights and festivals. This isn’t helpful for the customer – or the promoter.

We have turned the experience on its head, greeting customers at the start of their journey, exposing them to relevant and exciting events and acting as a one-stop shop: event guide, discovery platform and ticketing outlet.

As industry innovators for nearly 20 years, we know that broadcasting information out to a huge group of customers, in the hope that some are interested is no longer a viable marketing strategy so we ensure we know enough about what customers like and don’t like to make these recommendations effective. This makes both the marketing spend from the promoter work better, and also results in happier customers.

Anything else?

To coincide with the launch of our new App, we have also upgraded our Rep feature, rewarding loyalty and offering cash, rewards and exclusive prizes for customers who sell tickets.

Harnessing the power of viral selling, the feature allows Skiddle customers to ‘Rep’ for the events they love by forwarding on trackable links to their friends and family. For every ticket sold, the customer – or Rep – is rewarded. And, importantly, the promoter sells more tickets to each of their events at little additional effort.

The idea itself is not unique, however we have gone one step further than other ticketing outlets; allowing Reps to choose how they would like to be rewarded for selling tickets. Reps can either bank money for every ticket sold, or can collect points that equate to exclusive rewards; such as backstage passes, free drinks or VIP experiences.

In another industry first, every Rep that sells tickets through their network of friends will be added to an overall leaderboard, collating points for every ticket sold. The top sellers will then be rewarded with additional exclusive prizes, chosen by the Promoter to celebrate their ticket selling success. Milestones can be tracked easily through the Skiddle App, and push notifications and alerts can be engaged to monitor progress.

We are delighted to launch the upgraded Skiddle Rep feature in time for student season and are looking forward to rewarding loyalty in this new and innovative way – as suggested by customers in our latest satisfaction survey.

By offering customers a choice: earn points towards prizes or cash for every ticket sold, we have opened up the Rep feature to everyone, tapping into established behaviour of sharing events with friends and family. With huge rewards up for grabs and a leaderboard to track progress, the Rep feature is designed to interact with customer behaviour in a seamless fashion and can be operated and monitored entirely from our App.

Let’s not forget, the feature is also hugely beneficial to promoters, removing risk and time overheads, whilst maximising reach and the amount of tickets sold for each event.

For more information, visit w​ww.skiddle.com​ or download the App.

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.