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Creative & Flexible Conference Solutions

Doesn’t matter if it’s a conference for 50 or 50,000, whether the venue is a bustling event space, a conference hall or a hybrid combination, Showcase always puts on its creative thinking cap and delivers a truly inspirational experience.

Showcase has been producing international conferences in all shapes and sizes for over seven years. Every event is delivered by a friendly and passionate team headed up by Founder and MD Ben Collings, who comes with 25 years industry experience. The entire team brings creativity to everything they do, including how they’ve reacted to an ever-changing situation, adding a virtual & hybrid offering to their technical production services.

Showcase can provide the complete conference service, including design concepts, set design & build, content creation and of course the full technical install. If you have a fixed idea of what you want, they’ll bring it to life, both technically and creatively. If all you have is a vague idea of what you want, then they’ll work with you to transform your thoughts it into an exciting living, breathing conference.


This flexibility applies to venues too. If you’re holding your conference in a traditional event hall or conference room and worried about it lacking your personality, then don’t worry, they know how to put your stamp on it. They did this for the 2019 World Retail Congress on the main stage in RAI Amsterdam, through a combination of large lightbox prints, projection and a bespoke designed LED back light CNC globe of the logo.

14 May 2019, Amsterdam. {event}. . Photo: Joke Schut /

On the other hand, if you are going a bit left field and hosting in more unusual surroundings, that’s music to their ears as they love a transformation challenge. One of the most challenging was to completely transform and convert an agricultural building into a practical and inspiring conference environment for the week-long event. Meticulous lighting design and audio in such an unconventional venue resulted in the venue being successfully transformed into a conference room environment.

“Our industry is exciting, fast paced, creative and always evolving, my aim is to harness the best technological, creative and design solutions and push the limits of technology to deliver bespoke experiences for our clients and their audience.” Dave Harding-Lyle Sales & Operations Director

Showcase’s creative thinking applies just as much to technology as it does to designing an event, so luckily when live events stopped, they already had the necessary live streaming technology in the bag. During the pandemic Showcase has been able to support their clients’ old and new by delivering their conferences virtually. They have set up two central London studios to create a COVID-safe and professional environment that can be used to host a ‘hybrid’ event, record a live stream or as a pre-recording studio.

Renowned for live conference production, they apply the same technical standards to their hybrid and virtual ones. They offer full production services including live or pre-recorded content, streaming, as well as providing a dedicated ‘online platform’ to host the event virtually. Showcase has a reputation for their creativity and high production values and now that events are on a screen instead of a venue, nothing has changed. Nor has their customer service, every event, exhibition, conference or award ceremony is treated as an individual. They work and advise each client as much or as little is required, just as they would if it were live.

The way that people attend conferences for the foreseeable future will probably look a little different but Showcase’s determination to deliver creative and technically cutting-edge conferences is no different. The potential of maximising and increasing audience participation and attendance through hybrid events, a mix of live and virtual, is huge. Everyone agrees you can’t beat the buzz of a live event, but thanks to Showcase’s technical & creative skill their hybrid and virtual events can still pack a punch.

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