Shocklogic launches exclusive “Wellness in the Workplace” ebook


The Shocklogic team has produced an exclusive “Wellness in the Workplace”ebook with tips for working from anywhere, whether at the office, remotely, or from home.

Workplace wellness has become a hot topic in recent years, but at ​Shocklogic​, employee wellbeing has been a priority for over two decades. From daily breathing exercises to regular meetings with a company counsellor and weekly full-team group meditation practice, the company places wellness at the heart of its operations and business philosophy.

Thanks to the influence of CEO and Founder ​John Martinez​, the whole Shocklogic team is passionate about wellness, and their ebook aims to spread the word about the benefits of developing a wellness culture.

With short chapters on topics ranging from stress management and mindfulness to nonviolent communication and the importance of support and recognition, the ebook provides an overview of key ideas as well as practical tips for introducing wellness into the workplace.


It also includes exclusive contributions from industry experts ​Helen Moon​, ​Mark Maher​, ​Samme Allen​, ​Laila Datoo​, and CEO John Martinez himself.

Shocklogic’s “Wellness in the Workplace” ebook can be ​viewed in its entirety here​.

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