Search4Venues, a new venue finding platform created by the industry for the industry


Search4venues is the world’s fastest venue finding platform built for industry professionals, by industry professionals…

With 50+ years of collective industry experience, we know exactly which details you want at your fingertips. 

As busy venue finders, we needed a dynamic tool with easily accessible, straightforward venue specifications and contact information. It didn’t exist so we decided to develop Search4Venues.

Why? We were always coming across platforms that required us to sign-in and surrender personal info to access venue information, a lengthy process at the best of times.


And, more often than not, these third-party platforms didn’t release the venue’s contact information at all, forcing you to contact venues through them.

As venue finders, this is one of our biggest pain points—and we know many who would agree. 

Search4Venues gives the exact info individuals and organisations need without time-consuming sign-ups, form fills, or jumping through any other hoops. 

If you like what you see, you can view direct contact info there and then. No need to communicate through a third-party (though we are there to help if you ask us).

The other significant obstacle that slowed us down was the sheer volume of venues. Existing directories are bloated with every venue under the sun, regardless of whether or not they are suitable for corporate events. 

That’s a key difference between ourselves and other venue directories. All 1200+ of our listings are hand-picked and approved by experienced specialists—there’s no clutter here!

This makes finding the right venue a considerably faster, less stressful process.

So that’s the motivation behind Search4Venues: helping users find exactly what kind of venue they’re looking for without spending hours sourcing, searching and filtering. From the feedback we’ve had, it seems to have struck a chord with event professionals.

The venue industry is competitive, and venues have to adapt to match the more demanding search habits of Agents & direct corporate bookers who want the info that lets them make a quick decision. 

This is why we built Search4Venues.

Join the 10,000+ users already enjoying the benefits of Search4Venues.

  • Perfect for individuals, organisations & event professionals.
  • More than 1200 hand picked venues (growing every day)
  • Quick and easy search with no sign up or sensitive data required.
  • Enhanced listings include dedicated info pages complete with capacity charts, location overviews, Google maps and of course venue contact details.
  • Regularly updated information because nothing is more frustrating that out of date contact details.
  • Support when you need it and not before!
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