Electrifying startup, Lifesaver Power – a hire and return mobile phone power bank service – continue their mission to empower people in areas of need into 2019

2018 was a huge success for Lifesaver; the year was spent keeping fans powered, online and happy, at large scale events such as the 2018 Ryder Cup, the Olympia Horse Show and the Jockey Club.

Power on the go is in higher demand than ever before as the ‘digital conversation’ becomes a key part of events across the world. Fans want to be able to connect and share whilst at their favourite events – not to have to leave their devices at designated power stations to charge.

Lifesaver shares power, offering a ‘hire and return’ business model, enabling a used power bank to be exchanged for one that is fully charged; providing a convenient solution to the power problem, whilst removing the ‘separation anxiety’ felt by those previously expected to be without their phones for a period of time.


Lifesaver have a commitment to the environment by sharing power banks, significantly reducing waste caused by disposable battery packs, which end up in our landfills and cause harm to the planet. To further reduce their environmental footprint, Lifesaver have partnered with ‘Bulb’, the UK’s fastest growing green energy company, in order to put sustainable energy in their power banks.

Archie Wilkinson, CEO of Lifesaver Power, states: ‘Staying connected, online and up to speed is more important than ever. We’ve all run out of battery on our phones at the worst times. Lifesaver is an immediate solution, providing power as a service. We aim to make this service not only efficient but sustainable, bringing power to the people without detriment to our environment – enabling events to further reduce their eco-footprint by sharing power.’

Amir Vered, Head of eForce & IT at leading exhibition centre, Olympia, commented, ‘As a part of our Grand Plan we recognise that we have the opportunity and ability to influence environmental change here at Olympia and so we are delighted to work with Lifesaver Power, providing unlimited mobile energy via power banks jam-packed with sustainably sourced energy.’

‘Offering a ‘hire and return’ model enables us to play our part in reducing waste caused by disposable battery packs reducing batteries in landfill – keeping our fans connected and powered on the go throughout the venue.’

Key features of Lifesaver Power:
Power banks can be customised in a brandable sleeve, which is great for story telling.
Banks are pocket sized and have a 200% battery capacity, meaning they stand the test of time at any major festival or event – leaving fans free to live, capture and share their experience.

Places mobile vendors strategically around the event, keeping people powered on the go.
Set up fixed distribution locations in areas of high footfall, which help increase awareness of the service – ensuring fans are never without charge for unmissable moments.

Lifesaver exists not only to provide a convenient, sustainable mobile power service for events and festivals, but to also bring power to the people. In a world that is so connected, 18% of the global population live without electricity. The team are partnered with global grassroots movement ‘Liter of Light’ to provide off-grid lighting in areas of need. Lifesaver want to unlock power for all.

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.