Society of Independent Show Organisers (SISO) has secured Polly LaBarre as the Closing Keynote Speaker at its upcoming SISO CEO Summit in Miami.

Polly LaBarre’s session is titled “Fully Human and Relentlessly Innovative: Building a Cultural Advantage.”

Session Description:
For every leader unsettled by rampant disruption, unbounded competition, relentless commodification, and the specter of automation, there is a powerful antidote already inside the organization: the untapped audacity, imagination, energy, resourcefulness, curiosity, intuition, artistry, and passion of its people. Those fundamental human qualities are the engine of the creative economy—the source of all value. And yet, too few organisations are designed to unleash, mobilise, and amplify that human edge.

So, how do you unleash your organization’s full human and creative capacity? How do you amp up your collaborative quotient? How do you turn it into a place where innovation is and every person, every day job? And how do you boost your impact as innovation leaders—catalysts, architects, and activists—in a world where traditional authority has less and less currency, prescribed career paths are less and less relevant, and conventional companies have less and less competitive power?


In this talk, Polly will tackle those questions and more. She’ll lay out a migration path for cultivating a culture of contribution, collaboration and innovation—one where everyone is switched on and connected to each other and to customers. She’ll share a set of strategies: for re-making yourself as a leader with the capacity to inspire and unleash both creativity and accountability; for building forums and mechanisms for involving, equipping, and activating people; for re-designing systems, processes, and practices to make your organisation fundamentally more innovation friendly; and for embedding the mindsets and methods of experimentation into everything you do. The audience will leave with a cheat sheet for sharpening their human edge and building a cultural advantage.

Polly LaBarre is Co-author, Mavericks at Work; Co-founder, Management Lab; and Founding Writer, Fast Company. Polly’s field-tested insights help organizations change the way they change. Helps leaders make their organisations more resilient, innovative, and inspiring. Shows how to unleash the imagination, passion, and initiative of every person and build innovation into the organisation’s DNA. Provides a “Maverick Manual” for hacking the status quo to ramp up originality, invention, and game-changing disruption.

The 2019 SISO CEO Summit will be held March 24-27, at the JW Marriott Turnberry Miami.

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