Podcast: Universal Live’s Neil Clappison discusses “growing trend” of interactive content

On today’s episode of Event Industry News’ weekly podcast, our journalist, James Dickson, spoke to Universal Live’s Neil Clappison. Neil is the commercial manager for the live event production company and used this time to discuss what he described as the “growing trend” of interactive content.

Running since 1990, Universal Live knows a thing or two about producing a successful live event. However, Neil admits the team was “slightly behind the curve” when it realised there was an increasing requirement for interactive content 18 months ago. Traditionally, it was seen as an expensive add-on.

Neil described interactivity as a great method for drawing people in as it is novel, often new to a lot of people, and can look great.

Neil described the production process for events that require this type of interactivity, stating that there was little difference in way of planning an event with or without interactive content.


Interactivity is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ – it can be easily scaled down or up depending on the size of an event. Neil stated that interactive projections can be projected onto the floor if there is not a suitable wall available, showing that production is not confined to rigid rules.

Though he described the benefits of having a “digital bolt-on” at an event, he said there is little point in having it for the sake of it. It is much more advantageous to have interactive content that coincides with or delivers a message to make it much more relevant and engaging. 

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