Podcast: Michael Weiss, from Ai4, explores AI applications


Joining Event Industry News’ journalist, James Dickson, for this week’s podcast, was Michael Weiss, founder of the Ai4 conferences.

Speaking from across the pond, New Yorker, Michael, founded Ai4 to follow his passion and dedication for artificial intelligence. 

Michael uses the Ai4 conferences to assemble business leaders to encourage and facilitate the adoption of AI in various sectors including, finance, healthcare, cybersecurity and retail.

Claiming AI is becoming increasingly integral to businesses and events, Michael compared the technology to that of the Internet: “Any company, big or small, over the next 20 years, if you don’t become an AI company, you’re going to go bankrupt. The same way, as over the last 10 to 20 years, if you didn’t become an internet-first, digital company, you’re out of business now.”


AI has the ability to create synergies between companies from various sectors: creating content showcasing how AI is benefitting one industry can catapult other industries into following suit.

Discussing ROI and “quantifiable experiences”, Michael stated that conferences should offer valuable experiences for everyone involved. He claimed technology is the one entity that can ensure this, provided that the necessary infrastructure is in place.

“I still believe there is a world where you can quantify the learnings that an attendee took away for the company that they are going back to,” Michael stated.

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