Talking to Event Industry News on our weekly podcast was Banzai co-founder and chairman, Joe Davy. 

Banzai, an event marketing automation platform, was created when Joe discovered a recurring pattern demonstrated by marketers when creating events. 

The “lifecycle” of most event marketers typically lasts a month. This involves designing a new registration website, setting up email templates and having the relevant coding put in place among all the other tasks faced by marketers.

After the event has passed, all that work is “blown away” and marketers have to start all over again for the next event.

Calling this a “waste of time”, Joe wanted to eradicate some of this unnecessary workload. Banzai, therefore, provides solutions for event registration, reminders, outreach and attendance to help organisations grow their events.

Additionally, Joe described marketers as “overloaded” and so wanted to create a platform onto which marketers could delegate some of their duties.

“If we can build a great product, and we can design a great product, people will buy a lot of it,” Joe stated, simply.

Currently, Joe is working towards building Banzai, questioning himself on what other services the company could provide.

Though Banzai does not yet support every country, it is used internationally, which is something the team had worked towards from year one.

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