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Join us as we talk to Tito co-founder and CEO, Paul Campbell, and delve into what makes the company tick, the importance of maintaining its core values and why creating a community helps success.

Essentially, Tito is event ticketing software that was created to offer the best check-out experience for buying tickets online. Speaking from the head office in Dublin, Paul comments on how taxing buying tickets used to be: “Buying tickets felt more stressful than it [should have been] or you were landed with a tonne of forms to fill in before getting your ticket and I felt there should be a better way.” Initially starting out as a simple bit of code, Paul used his software background to create an app to connect PayPal to the Tito website. 

Describing the evolution of Tito, Paul explains that he and his colleagues avoided the “start-up mania” that other companies fall into as they didn’t want to fall victim to ‘hyper-growth’: “focusing on growth at all costs to get investors’ money back can compromise one’s morals and values.”

Drawing more on the company’s values, Paul explains that they wanted to build a company of which they would want to be customers. “Avoid spammy email tactics, trickery and dark patterns” he advises. “[To maintain our values] we built a community. We put effort into getting to know our customers really well.”

Relating the nature of being a small company, Paul goes on to explain the pros and cons of building his company slowly and organically, drawing comparisons to larger companies. To keep our guest from being too modest, our host, James, makes reference to Tito’s accomplishments and questions Paul on the method behind these achievements: “We try to achieve growth without compromising on our values… we want people to use Tito and their jaws drop.”

Tito is a small company comprising nine people but has already got a number of accomplishments under its belt. Throughout the podcast, Paul stresses the importance of remaining true to your beliefs and not sacrificing your integrity for success.

Molly Hookings
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