Pivot Your Events To Digital


The most thorough online course for online events has been released by Gallus Events. https://www.pivotyourevent.online/

In 2018, William Thomson, MD of Gallus Events, spoke at Event Tech Live about online events. He sat in front of only 20 or so people interested in running online events. I wonder how busy his session would be now?

“I have been trying to encourage event organisers to add digital to the mix for years. It was a hard sell. But obviously things are different now” says William. 

And we, of course, know the reason.


“The impact of COVID19 has disrupted almost every event business. For some, it is like a new dawn, with people rushing to hire video editors, use platforms, and find support for digital events. And for others, it has been the most difficult of times. So I took a step back and thought what is the one thing that, as an industry, we need to do and how can I help? The answer was to try to upskill as many people as possible to run digital events. And crucially I wanted to have a focus on running digital events that make a profit”

William’s answer is an exceptionally detailed and thorough online course (12 modules over 12 weeks). Access starts at €999 +VAT.

“At the end of the course, our first fifty students will leave with a complete understanding of every aspect of running online business events. I want to help the students lead the virtual events revolution”

You can check the course introduction on Youtube or visit the event website to see the outline of the whole course. 

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