Pivot from Physical to Virtual


1. Appetite for expansion

The COVID-19 drive from physical to virtual events might be a significant step for businesses but the technology involved is practised and always improving.

The latest apps bring invaluable new tiers to the computer/iPad/phone ‘motorway’ meeting functions we have all become very familiar with since March 23.

Ultimately the pandemic has to come under some sort of control, whether or not we get a vaccine. Nobody knows how long that will take though and events must adapt in the meantime.

Tech companies want the return of physical interaction as much as anybody. These apps not only put a bridge over Coronavirus, they are equally focused on the other side; developments that will add to the global, hybrid reach of the next generation event model.

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2. We aren’t pivoting to virtual. We pivoted long ago!

Kinura have been connecting remote audiences and supporting virtual events for years. Our approach has always been to support clients with the process of going digital, making it as hassle-free as possible. We took our remotely operated PTZ camera kits on a Google tour in 2011, built a temporary studio for livestreamed gigs above the Southbank Centre in 2012. We broadcast live from London buses and the London Eye in 2015. We’ve run tons of virtual Town Halls for clients across EMEA. Here in 2020, we can pull together a full day online broadcast through a custom branded microsite with a lead time of less than 6 weeks (see our latest project with Ogilvy for Inmarsat Flightplan). The challenges we’re facing are new but not completely unusual for our team. We have a network of experts with the right skills to be virtual producers, virtual showcallers, virtual floor managers and vision mixers; a virtual AV team with a few less heads than you would have on location!

Our focus on integration not platforms keeps us ahead of the curve. Our service plugs into any livestreaming or webinar platform with high-quality production values and maximum reliability. What makes the difference is understanding the digital workflow. Our technicians make campaigns work across global Content Delivery Networks, multiple social channels or within a secure environment. Our remote production units deliver digital broadcasts at TV quality for virtual conferences, AGMs, launches and panels debates. All these events can be successful online and made more engaging with voting, polling, interactive sessions and networking. Our advice to anyone starting out with ‘pivoting to virtual’ would be to take a step back and work out what you want to achieve before thinking about platforms. Break it down. Get a clear brief. Then find a partner who can deliver it with the same level of confidence you’d expect for a physical event.

3. Virtual exhibiting made easy and affordable with Exhibit Virtual

Exhibit Virtual is an online platform built to host virtual exhibitions, trade shows and custom exhibition stands.

The live audience industry has been disrupted and is prompting business to look for new marketing strategies. We think it is time to embrace another way of exhibiting.

Exhibitions and events have always been great meeting places to discover new products and brands, but clearly there are now issues affecting this traditional approach.

With Exhibit Virtual we have used technology to help event organisers by recreating the experience of walking around an exhibition, discovering more information, and making contacts. With on demand video not live. Check out our launch exhibition here.

And for those wanting a more single brand approach, Exhibit Virtual also hosts a gallery of virtual custom exhibition stands either designed by us or supplied to us.

Exhibit Virtual is not designed to replace the live experience, as humans we will always crave that physical hands on engagement. But hands on to many is now having it in the palm of your hand. Virtual technology can be used to bridge the gap when physical is not always possible.

Our mission has been to deliver this simple and affordable alternative to the complicated, expensive and outdated offerings currently available.

A simple and effective visitor experience that can last for months not days. That allows a global audience to view and interact with your virtual exhibition booth on their desktop and mobile.

If you are an event organiser who runs small to medium exhibitions, or an exhibitor, then why not reach out to us for more details about how we can help deliver your virtual exhibition. You can contact us at team@exhibitvirtual.online

4. Bringin’ Social Back: How Teooh is Enabling Consistent Community Connections Across Social Media and the Workplace

Teooh is the future of events, the future of business, the future of virtual reality, and the future of community connection.

Teooh was born from the idea that communication fosters connection, and connection creates change. Consistent community connection drives new relationships, and it is those relationships that make a difference around the world. With Teooh, barriers and borders disappear, allowing people to serendipitously connect to those with similar ideas, interests, and passions.

With Teooh, barriers and borders disappear, allowing people to serendipitously connect to those with similar ideas, interests, and passions.

Teooh is an interactive, avatar-based social gathering platform. It allows anyone from anywhere to meet in real-time with anyone from anywhere, create new relationships, and grow existing communities globally. With a venue for every need, avatar customisations, and personal touches, Teooh is the perfect way to spice up and grow your community connections.

Originally conceptualised as a networking events-based platform in 2017, Teooh has already expanded exponentially, and its use cases are boundless.


Teooh was founded on the concept of CoCoCo: Consistent Community Connection. Imagine attending five social gatherings in one day; meeting five times the amount of people; creating five times the amount of genuine connections; exponentiating your impact on the world. Now imagine that you can attend these gatherings with no effort from the comfort of your own home. Imagine if millions of people with billions of ideas and interests could come together every day to discuss their passions. You no longer need to imagine. With Teooh, this is a reality. Such interconnectedness not only fosters change: it fosters bonds and partnerships that have only ever been imaginable with physical gatherings. Existing communities like Yena, Showbiz AI, and Draper University have hosted networking and reunion gatherings, and new communities have been created around Teooh.

Remote Business

In addition to an influx of online entertainment usage, the Coronavirus pandemic has driven businesses to expand their technological capabilities into remote working. While Teooh offers solutions far beyond those dictated by Coronavirus demands, it also presents the perfect solution to remote business practices. Daily stand-ups, team meetings, and company announcements are the perfect uses for Teooh’s platform.


From hosting meet and greets with sports stars like NFL player KelvinBeachum, to film festivals with Animayo, Teooh has introduced a new breadth of opportunities for the entertainment industry. In 2020, Rel Carter took to the virtual stage to discuss business in music, and Jon Black hosted the first ever live Teooh podcast! The twenty-first century has seen an exponential influx in online entertainment with services like Netflix and Youtube, and COVID-19 has pushed audiences further into online entertainment options.


The “fun” aspect of social media has been revamped in Teooh. Teooh venues have been filled with birthday parties, pub quizzes, and family reunions! Families and friends across the world were able to come together in Teooh to share laughs and love.

Why Teooh?

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have opened the door to a new environment of sharing, DMing, friend-ing, inMailing, following, and socializing. This expanding social environment enabled the creation of Teooh: a whole new social ecosystem with a world of opportunities. Existing social media platforms have not found out how to replicate the core factor of what makes humanity thrive: the serendipity enabled when people sit across from each other, share stories, and build genuine connections.

Margaux Noël Woellner explained that in a world where physical appearance is so scrutinised through social media, it’s important to have a platform where you don’t have to show up with perfect makeup and hair. Teooh allows you to bring the best, most genuine qualities of yourself forward without any concern of how you look or where you are.

These powerful connections should not be hampered by international barriers, social anxiety, concerns over physical appearance, or wealth. The Teooh team believes that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, and social media shouldn’t revolve around optimizing an exterior version of yourself. By removing the social anxiety that comes with existing forms of social media, including video chats, Teooh is able to create a safe, comfortable space where people can focus on growing genuine connections rather than growing followers.

Teooh is able to create a safe, comfortable space where people can focus on growing genuine connections rather than growing followers.


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