Overwhelmingly positive feedback from 52eight3’s Exhibition Marketer’s Masterclass

Pictured: Katie Morhen (left) and Sophie Holt, Explori (right)

Feedback from attendees at the Exhibition Marketer’s Masterclass held by 52eight3 on 15 October has been overwhelmingly positive.

Over 80% of attendees reported feeling fairly or very satisfied with the event, and nearly 90% (87.5%) considered attending the event to have been a valuable use of their time.

Katie Morhen, founder and director of 52eight3 commented,

“Events are crucial to the UK economy and we wholeheartedly wanted to show our support for the industry we work within by hosting an exhibition marketer’s masterclass. Our aim was to provide an opportunity for events professionals to share, upskill, train and re-learn respected skills and we are very happy that so many attendees felt we provided this.”


The majority of attendees wanted to keep up to date with new trends and innovations from the industry, and to learn more about the topics being covered. Attendees were highly positive about the quality of the presenters with 88% reporting the presenters as “good” or “excellent”. The figure was identical for the quality of the information included in the presentations.

The masterclass was originally conceived as a live event, but as with the majority of events across the industry, 52eight3 were forced to move their event online. However, this was received very positively by attendees with the majority of attendees, 94%, “as likely”, “slightly more likely” or “much more likely” to attend a future virtual event.

81% of attendees reported use of the on-line platform was “good” or “excellent” and only 6% found it unsatisfactory. Sound quality and quality of the images were both found to be over 80% positive. Constructive feedback included more support for attendees using the platform. There was a desire for greater interaction with the presenters and other attendees with the ability to see who else was attending the event and to engage with them.

While a quarter of respondents reported virtual events as being better value for time, they are not yet recognised as valuable for doing business with more than three quarters of attendees preferring live events for this purpose.

Katie Morhen, founder and director of 52eight3 said,

“There is a feeling that events professionals are being overlooked by the UK Government at this time. With nearly nine out of ten attendees telling us they think live events are overall better for doing business, it is no wonder the industry is desperate for clarity around when live events can return.

“It is perfectly possible for live events to be run safely in-line with COVID-19 guidance and regulations. Events professionals do not want Government hand-outs, just a fair and intelligent approach to doing business through a pandemic. There are enormous consequences for the economy without trade shows to drive tomorrow’s business.”