Open letter from MotionFive


Dear Colleagues, 

It’s Time To Take Action!

The forgotten industry sectors in the current crisis – Exhibition/Trade Expo’s and Conferences. 

  • Will you join a vehicle led protest to Downing Street and Parliament Square to urge the government to recognise the depth of the Events Industry and that merely opening venues is of no assistance to us.
  • We need the government to put in place workable plans to assist us as our crisis continues to deepen.
  • We don’t need to tell you the devastating impact the current coronavirus pandemic has had on us AND that the furlough scheme is due to end on 1st October 2020, with no plan in place to support the exhibition/trade expo/conference supply chain after this time, despite there being no work.   
  • We continue to be without work and need help!  
  • We ARE an industry worth saving.

Motion Five are 100% committed to surviving this crisis as we are sure you are too.  


You will no doubt have seen in the news the recent events industry protest organised by Plasa, highlighting the plight of live events within the entertainment sector. Not everyone, including it seems the government, knows who the Exhibition/Trade Expo/Conference Industry suppliers are. To date, we have laid somewhere in the small print and subtext of the governments events industry planning.

Acting quickly following this recent protest will maximise our own coverage.  

A vehicle led protest is a high profile way of making our voice heard and urging the government to RECOGNISE we exist and to provide us with financial aid as our crisis continues.  


  • Full furlough scheme extension for all workers in the exhibition/trade expo/conference sectors.
  • An extension of the self-employed income support system.
  • Government backed grants made available to the businesses within the exhibition/trade expo/conference supply chain. 


  • Meet on Wednesday 26th August 2020
  • Assemble time 04:00 
  • Procession start time 06:00
  • Meet at London Gateway Service Area, HA8 8SF 
  • To enter London as a convoy of vehicles and head towards Parliament Square

           Start : London Gateway Services head south on M1 join A5 towards   Marble Arch then along A4202 to Wellington Arch follow A302  to Parliament Square.  Circle Parliament Square 3 times ( depending on number of vehicles ) on to Parliament Street towards Trafalgar Square round Trafalgar Square and back the same route we all came in on. 


Please confirm if you wish to join the protest via email for us to confirm vehicle numbers

Contact us on 01623 741000 / 07773 427 288  or email on