OnePlan, the newly launched event site planning platform that combines all other mapping and visual planning tools into one, has finally revealed the identity of the world-renowned industry expert within its leadership team.

Christophe Draye, known as one of the world’s best event strategists having orchestrated a wealth of global sport and special project events as well as helping grow companies globally, has been unveiled today as OnePlan’s Chairman. 

The identity of the company’s founder, Paul Foster, the international expert behind the event safety planning of several Olympic and Paralympic Games, was revealed last week, while the identity of his fellow leadership team member has remained closely under wraps, until today. There had been much speculation as his connections have already helped the company to secure global recognition.

OnePlan provides the most accurate and extensive view of any event space across the world, helping planning teams to ensure that every corner of their site has all the facilities and staffing it needs for a successful event. 

To date, it has been adopted by event planning agencies across the globe, as well as several of the UK’s leading university event management courses. As a consequence, it’s been suggested that it will be the default system for the event industry within the next three years. 

To further its progress, Christophe will be working closely with Paul to drive the strategic direction of the business, and will help to build key strategic partnerships and be one of the public faces of the company. 

Christophe commented, “Having worked in the industry for many years, I’ve seen many new technologies emerge promising to help event professionals, but OnePlan is not just another technology; it solves in real time many of the issues of crowd and security management in one place. I see in OnePlan a platform that will revolutionise our work and I wanted to be a part of the company itself.”

Paul commented, “I created OnePlan out of frustration for the costly, fiddly and time consuming processes involved in planning events. With OnePlan, there’s no longer a need for different mapping tools – which generally don’t work well together – and multiple versions of each plan, creating the potential for gaps, overlaps, inconsistencies and errors. Instead, all the best mapping tools work on one system, enabling planning teams to collaborate seamlessly, and source equipment and staff from approved suppliers at the click of a button. 

“I’m delighted with how quickly the platform is transforming the way people plan events but there’s so much more still to do. We want to hear from people across the industry on how to make event planning a joy and with Christophe’s help, we’ll make it happen.”

Paul will be speaking about the new platform at Event Tech Live on 6-7 November at The Old Truman Brewery in London. The company will be exhibiting at stand 2103. 

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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