One World Rental to introduce ‘OWR WiFi in a box’ at Event Tech Live


One World Rental introduces a new product: OWR Wifi in a box. The single unit, to be unveiled at Event Tech Live, can provide WiFi for 100 guests. And the network can be expanded by ordering more than one box.

The rise of event WiFi

According to the technology firm Cisco, costs for WiFi hotspots are predicted to rise by seven in 2020 compared to their cost in 2015. The number of networked devices will also increase during this time period, by 10 billion.

Event planners know that a seamless connection goes hand-in-hand with the success of a digital event experience. With the unforgivable nature of an unhappy guest, there exists a small but distinct window of opportunity to get internet right the first time. 

WiFi and event functionality; the basics

Wifi enables event apps to work, fuels electronic payment systems and powers event attendees’ social feeds, Q&A sessions, live floor plans, surveys and valuable real-time consumer data processing.


When you can’t rely on ‘Venue WiFi’

It’s not just about having WiFi. It’s important to know what’s needed and how to provide it. WiFi has to be in alignment with predicted population attendance, the number of devices and the type of broadband demands. Sometimes WiFi will require backup or be a simple matter of upgrades to existing systems. It’s crucial to plan accordingly.

Introducing WiFi in a Box

More and more businesses are considering pop-up WiFi as the right solution for their business.

“In keeping with our motto of providing our unique customers with all viable options, we’re introducing our new product, WiFi in a Box, at Event Tech Live this month,” said CEO Kashif Din.

“Alongside the product, we can offer clients a personalised landing page with their business and event branding as well as data capture and other bespoke features.”

What’s included in WiFi in a box

Their new product WiFi in a box can be installed in about 30 mins. Each box boasts seamless, high-speed broadband for 100 guests. (Hiring more than one will expand the coverage capability). The product is compactly delivered in a durable pelicase that transports easily. It includes a router which works through multiple providers. It’s both WiFi and WAN compatible, VLAN priority and static public IP address capable, with 200 Mbps and high-gain antennas which provide the best 4G connectivity.

WiFi in a box consumes just 30 watts of power and has an available battery power connector. It’s suitable to work with generators and includes an access point which meets current standards in WiFi security. It comes with an external ethernet port and is battery compatible. It can be used in remote areas or for events in high density environments such as festivals, exhibitions, tradeshows and conferences.

Says Kashif Din said: “We’re bringing it to Event Tech Live because it’s the largest event exhibition in the country and we’re proud of the product and what it can offer our clients.”

This content is sponsored by One World Rental.