One World Rental responds to COVID-19 with a new range of technology addressing health and safety in offices and workplaces


From contactless hand sanitising dispensers, to temperature screening thermographic cameras which detect skin surface temperature, OWR’s new product range comes in response to growing numbers of workforces expected to return to offices.

One World Rental today launches a new technological product range aimed at helping offices and workplaces with health and safety compliancy in the wake of COVID-19.

The globally-available product range, which includes contactless hand sanitising dispensers and thermal screening solutions, has been launched in response to the challenge of how to keep offices and workplaces safe as lockdown restrictions start to lift in different parts of the world.

Kashif Din, managing director of One World Rental says: “As some restrictions start to lift, businesses are asking us ‘How can we protect consumers and employees while helping them feel empowered by our company’s response to the crisis? What is the best way to fuse safety, practicality and encourage company care?”


OWR has responded with a range of new technology that will be available for hire, lease or purchase. One example of this range is the Contactless Digital Signage & Hand Sanitising Kiosk, which features an automatic dispenser with a motion detection sensor inside.

This product provides hand sanitiser without the need for any physical touch by the users. Meanwhile the kiosks enable companies to playback video content, images, web pages and scrolling text.

The kiosk includes various connective ports and works with an Android Operating system. One World Rental also offers company designs and branding, as well as complete content integration and setup solutions. They are available in floor stands or mounted to walls and meet with all safety requirements.

This product is currently aimed at the corporate, medical, entertainment, educational and public sectors. They are being used in lobbies, retail centres, event venues, health centres and corporate headquarters.

One World Rental’s thermal screening solutions are an additional part of their business positive range.

“We needed to respond to corporate clients requesting technology for rapid, multiple person screening in busy environments,” says Din.

The Thermal Screening Solutions includes Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras which can detect skin surface temperatures, from a distance of 9 metres, within a second. Other product specifications include multi-person detection, including body temperature and mask compliance. Packages can include laptops, LED monitors and tripods.

Says One World Rental’s Head of Technology Apostolos Mystikis, “the range was designed to enable businesses to stay ahead while keeping consumers and staff protected in accordance with the latest government guidelines. We designed rental, purchase and leasing options to accommodate these requests and are enthusiastic about the response we’ve already received and the orders that are coming in.”

Cecilia Lavin, Head of European Sales

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