Omanexpo tackles employee mental health in conjunction with Stress Matters


Mental health has been rising up the agenda in recent years as awareness grows of its impact on workplace productivity and culture. Covid-19 has increased the pressure on many industry professionals as redundancies rise and the pressure to deliver grows more intense, with the backdrop of general uncertainty around us all.

28% of respondents in a 2019 Stress Matters Industry Insight report had taken time off work due to a mental health issues whilst employed in the events industry.

Although new jobs cannot be conjured up, employees and freelancers can be treated with empathy and offered support to enable many to weather the storm. Individuals can also be empowered to seek help where previously a stigma was often attached to speaking out.

Omanexpo is one employer who is seeking to tackle the issue with support from Stress Matters. Omanexpo, is supporting their employees with an emphasis on their mental wellbeing by offering:

  • Regular 1-2-1 sessions for every employee and their line manager to raise any concerns they may have. 
  • Working across teams collaboratively to offer greater support to other departments.
  • A monthly Town Hall meeting where the financial outlook of the business is shared, along with feedback to questions from an anonymous suggestions box. An employee of the month is also announced. 
  • Personal circumstances are supported, for example, childcare issues, financial constraints, etc where Omanexpo is able to help.

Stress Matters is just one organisation that exists to support events professionals whose work is arguably more important now than ever before. They work with the events industry, businesses and individuals to raise awareness and tackle barriers to good mental wellbeing through a plethora of events and other platforms. 

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